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The Monthly Poll Archive

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Poll Questions for 2005

Jan 10: Which pulp hero (besides The Shadow) do you think will make the best transition to the big screen?

Feb 7: Do you think that The Shadow will still be remembered 100 years down the road?

Mar 7: What can we do to bring The Shadow back into the spotlight again?

Apr 4: What sort of video game would you like to see The Shadow in?

May 2: Besides Lamont Cranston, which of The Shadow's other guises do you like best?

Jun 6: If The Shadow Radio Show was resurrected, which actors/actress would you pick to do the voices?

Jul 4: What do you think are The Shadow's weaknesses?

Aug 1: Which comic book artist (besides the ones listed on this site) should do the next Shadow comic series or graphic novel?

Sep 5: Which agent was the most beneficial to The Shadow?

Oct 3: Who is your favourite villain from the pulps, and why do you think this person is the perfect arch-nemesis for The Shadow?

Nov 7: Which genre do you think best suits The Shadow?

Dec 5: Describe your favourite "Shadow moment".


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