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The Monthly Poll Archive

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Poll Questions for 2001

Feb 14: Who is the Shadow's Successor?

Mar 7: Which version of The Shadow do you prefer? Pulp or Radio? (Or it doesn't matter?)

Mar 21: What is your favorite Shadow radio show?

Apr 4: What is your favorite Shadow pulp?

Apr 18: Who is your favorite Shadow agent?

May 2: Which actor (radio or movie) did you like best as The Shadow? Why?

May 30: What is the dumbest thing you have ever encountered in The Shadow (i.e. plot lines, villains, dialogue, etc.)?

Jun 27: Should the Shadow pulps ever be reprinted again, would you edit out the "political incorrectness" or leave it as it is with an advisory warning at the beginning of the story?

Jul 25: Should Margo and The Shadow have a relationship (i.e. does The Shadow really need a love interest)? Why?

Aug 22: Are the lyrics of "Original Sin (theme from The Shadow)" on this web site exactly what you expected, or did you hear something different while listening to the song?

Sep 19: How were you introduced to The Shadow, and what drew you to him?

Oct 17: Have you ever dressed up as The Shadow (for Halloween, costume contest, etc.)? What was the experience like and what was the reaction?

Nov 14: What is your favourite quote from the pulps?

Dec 12: What is your favourite quote from the radio shows?


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