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Fan Sites

The Shadow's Sanctum
The official Web site of Anthony Tollin, the pop culture historian best known for this articles on the history of The Shadow. Check out the image gallery (featuring photos of Walter B. Gibson, and some of the cast of the radio show), information on the pulp reprints, video interviews with Mr. Gibson, articles, and more.

Artczar's Shadow Website
One of the first Shadow fan sites out there focusing on all things Shadow. Please note that some of the links on this site are broken.

Darkchilde's The Shadow
Features reviews on the pulps, radio episodes, comics, and movies. Also includes an overview of the Robby Reed Shadow documentary (from the DialBforBurbank Website)

The Shadow - Doc Savage Quest
Has brief histories of The Shadow in the pulps and radio, plus a 1994 movie review by Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Includes a page dedicated to Doc Savage.

The Shadow in Wikipedia
Written by fans, this entry in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia includes a brief history of the character in pulps, radio, comics and movies, plus links to other Shadow-related sites.


Collectors of The Shadow
The Shadow Knows!
Dwight Fuhro is considered the top buyer of rare pulp and radio related Shadow collectibles from the 1930s and 1940s (including high grade Shadow pulps, cover paintings and interior art, premiums, advertising signs/displays, toys, etc.) He's also looking to connect with other like-minded Shadow collectors too. Click on the "page 2" link at the bottom of the main page for more information.


Social Media, Livejournals, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube Channels, and Online Communities

The Shadow: The History and Origin
This short video from ComicgeddonTV gives a brief history and overview of The Shadow's appearances in pulps, radio, comics, and movies. Just be forewarned that the narrator is not too fond of the 1994 movie.

The Shadow on Facebook
Get together with like-minded Shadow fans in the vast Facebook community.
The Shadowed Circle - A new Shadow fanzine by and for fans
The Agents of The Shadow - Associated with the Cobalt Club social network site
The Shadow Fan
The Shadow Knows

Cloak Fancier
A Livejournal site for Shadow fans where you can post pictures, icons, or share Shadow-related information.

The Shadow on Pinterest
Search for Shadow images: everything from pulp illustrations, radio memorabilia, movie promotional material, and more. Here's a sampling below of the hundreds of images that can be found.

DeviantArt - The Shadow
Need more Shadow art in your life? Check out the fan contributions at this DeviantArt website. Click on the Gallery tab to browse.

The Shadow Fan's Podcast
Download the latest podcasts discussing The Shadow in pulps and comics.

The Shadow on Twitter
Want to know what The Shadow is doing lately? Check out his tweets as his fights crime.

xvxTheShadowxvx's Channel on YouTube
Check out this treasure trove of Shadow videos from xvxTheShadowxvx, including the 1994 movie, movie soundtrack, action figure, drawings, and more.

The Secret Squadron Blog
Browse through Nuno Miranda's collection of Shadow items (click on "Shadow" on the left-hand menu under the Character section for a complete list), and while you're at it, check out the other superhero collectibles. Keep checking back as he updates this blog with new and exciting stuff.

The Shadow 365
If you're looking for 365 days of Shadow goodness, you can get a daily blog post of every pulp cover from 1931-1949 with an accompanying fun Shadow facts.

The Shadow (Fan Blog)
Created by Jeff Farnham, this Shadow fan blog features his articles about various aspects of the character, from his appearances in pulps, radio, and movies, to his backstory, weapons, and agents.

Lamont Cranston @TheShadow1931
This is the accompanying Twitter account to Jeff Farham's The Shadow blog above. It covers not only The Shadow, but other pulp characters and pop culture.


Fan Stuff
The Shadow Knows - Documentary
This 2-hour documentary by Kirk Kimball on looks at The Shadow's origins and history and includes chapters on his agents and foes. Features rare photos and artwork, plus a behind-the-scenes look at the 1994 movie and commentary by Walter B. Gibson, Orson Welles, Anthony Tollin, and Alec Baldwin.

Shadow Wallpaper for FireFox
For Shadow fans who us FireFox as their web browser.


Fan Fiction
Kimberly's Fan Fiction Library
Writen by Kimberly Murphy-Smith, this awesome site features fan fiction about The Shadow (based on the 1994 movie version).

The Shadow 2000
This fan fiction series by Chip Caroon features the modern-day adventures of The Shadow's grandson (who has taken over the role). Also includes a crossover with Spider-Man and other superheroes. (Note: Not to be confused with the Shadow/Spider-Man fan fic on; this is entirely different).

Shadow Fan Fic
This collaborative fan site invites all Shadow fans to submit and peruse fan fiction based on The Shadow.

The Shadow at
All the Shadow fan fic your heart desires. Feel free to add your stories to this growing collection.

Savage Scribe
Read Shadow-inspired fiction written by Abel Diaz:
The Black Bells (partly inspired by the Black Abbott radio episode)
The Dishonourable Judge Death (inspired by Judge Lawless)


Which Shadow Character are You?
Ever fantasized about being The Shadow? Ever wondered if you were Burbank or Harry Vincent in a past life? This fun quiz determines whether your personality matches one of the agents, or The Shadow himself.

The Shadow RPG
An online role-playing game where you become an agent of The Shadow.


Fan Clubs at
Agents of The Shadow
The Shadow
The Shadow Fan Fiction
The Shadow List
The Shadow Strikes


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