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Walter Gibson's Ring
Check out this Shadow ring belonging to Mr. Gibson, custom made as per the request of his wife, Litzka. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more details.

The Shadow Chronology
Taking the information from the pulps, comics, and paperbacks, Win Scott Eckert has complied a life history of The Shadow, from his early WWI days as Kent Allard to the modern era. You can pick out some plot lines from comics (Helfer, Chaykin, Jones), cross-overs (Batman, The Rocketeer), and the 1994 movie. A very interesting read.


View pulp-inspired paintings of The Shadow by Ed Lancaster. Other subjects inlcude Sci-Fi pulps, fantasy, Tarzan, The Lord of the Rings, and more. You can e-mail him if you're interested in buying or trading.

Artist Kyle Henry showcases his tributes to the heroes of the pulp era. You can e-mail him if you're interested in purchasing one of his original canvases. You can view an example of his work here.

Electric Tiki Designs: The Shadow
In 2009, Electric Tiki released a sculpture of The Shadow by Ruben Procopio, dipicting The Master of Darkness with guns drawn over the city he protects. The statue also includes a replica of Lamont Cranston's girasol ring. You can view the work in progress on this site. If you're interested in the company's other works, drop by their Classic Heroes page where they also have statues of other characters such as Doc Savage, Zorro, and Dick Tracy.

Go Hero Shop
This limited edition 1:6 scale posable 12-inch Shadow action figure features the likeness of Lamont Cranston from the famous pulp novel covers. It comes with a posable cape and scarf, as well as two sets of hands with the girasol ring and a figure stand. As of July 2012, this action figure is now being shipped out to various retailers and customers who have ordered directly from the site.


Action Figures:
Biff's Shadow Diorama Page
Scroll down the menu on the left to "Biff's Shadow Diorama". This G.I. Joe fan transformed one of these famous military action figures into The Master of Darkness. This impressive diorama depicts The Shadow about to enter a dangerous situation to save a kidnapped heiress. It's worth a look.

The Midnight Men
This set of action figure conversions were made as prototypes for a fictional movie called "The Midnight Men". In it, The Shadow joins forces with Lobster Johnson, The Sandman, and the Batman to fight crime. These figures (made by Anthony Van Bruggen) were showcased at CustomCon in 2004, a convention that features fictional toy action figures. Click on the "Recipes"button under the title to learn more about how these figures were made.

Raving Toy Maniac: Custom Galleries
Can't get enough of custom-made action figures? Check out fan versions of The Shadow by the following artist:
- Glorbes

Brickshelf: Lego Shadow
Scroll through a series of lego adventures featuring a custom-made Lego action figure of The Shadow created by Nathan Yeoman.


Fan-Made Shadow Trailer
This fan practically remade the 1994 movie trailer featuring the soundtrack from the 2010 movie Inception (composed by Hans Zimmer).

OXG: Organization of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Imagine a movie featuring The Shadow, The Rocketeer, The Phantom, and Sky Captain. That's what this guy did. He's written the screenplay, and he's put together his very own movie trailer to give us a taste of what could be.

The Miami Aerodrome Research and Development Laboratories is the blog of Don Gates, which follows his progress of creating and writing a series of pulp-style stories featuring a trio of vigilantes, one of whom was inspired by The Shadow. Check out the links for character descriptions, feedback updates, and more.

Tales of the Dark Avenger: Forgive Us Our Debts
This trailer for this amateur film features a black-clad hero called "The Dark Avenger", who seems very Shadow-inspired. Check out the segment 1 minute 55 seconds into the trailer. It features a Shadow-like laugh from The Dark Avenger followed by a sucker punch.


Role-Playing Games:
Fung Shui
David Eber has created a template based on The Shadow for the popular role-playing game, Feng Shui. You can read up about The Shadow's history here.


Mystery (general): The Shadow
Search the site for a brief history of The Shadow and other famous detectives. Check out the weekly mystery games, and drop by the online store.


Need Shadow memorabilia? This is the auction site to visit. Check under the following subjects for Shadow stuff: Books, Collectibles, Movies, and Toys. Search the site for "Alec Baldwin" and you might turn up some autographed movie stills and more.

An International Catalogue of Superheroes
This UK-based site lists a variety of lesser-known superheroes from comics, pulps, TV, movies, and around the world.

Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
Over 100 links to science fiction and pulp magazines and characters on the web.


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