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Pulp Related Links

Pulp (General):
An informative site on pulp characters like The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Spider, even a history of the pulp novel. Has tons of links to pulp resources. Check out the forum, chat room, and poll.

The Vintage Library
They have some pulp novels in electronic format that you can download. Books and audio tapes featuring radio shows are also available for sale.

The Jonas Drop
Though this site focuses on the pulp heroes of Street and Smith (including Doc Savage and The Avenger), it has lots of great info on The Shadow in the pulps. Has some related links.


Pulp Fanzines, Blogs, etc. (General)
All Pulp
This blog features articles and notes upcoming events and publications of today's pulp novelists, as well as the pulps of yesteryear. If it's pulp related, you can find it here.

Astonishing Adventures Magazine
"Itís amazing! Itís stupendous! Itís ASTONISHING!" is the motto for this pulp fanzine that features interviews of industry greats, reviews and pulp fiction short stories by fans. The editors are always looking for submissions for their next issue. Browse the blog for the latest news and download their current issue. Oh, and did I mention the monkeys?

Granton City Press
This pulp fan page features stories and artwork of new pulp characters such as Black Wolf, Ghost Wind, and more. Check out excepts of their pulps (some of which are also available or for pre-order on Amazon). Also watch out for the Black Wolf game coming soon. Granton City Press is also on Facebook

The Pulp Collective
Described as a "think tank of pulp fiction fans dedicated to spreading the literary joy that is pulp", this blog has many articles and discussions on pulp/noir themes in movies, comics, and more.

A pulp fanzine you can subscribe to. Back issues for sale as well. Check out the article on the history of science fiction and pulp magazines.

This blog by Duane Spurlock is "[d]edicated to the popular fiction of the 20th Century and its influence on popular media and culture in the 20th Century and beyond".

Will Murray Interview
This podcast from First Comics News features author Will Murray (Duende History of The Shadow.) Though most of the interview is about his work on Doc Savage, The Shadow does get a few mentions (at the 15-17 min mark, 33-34 min mark, and 48 min mark.)


Pulp History of The Shadow:
The The Shadow
Has a brief history of The Shadow, links to related sites, articles about Walter B. Gibson, The Shadow's use of magic in the stories, The Shadow's identity, and the first Shadow pulp cover.

The Pulp Pages: The Shadow
Has a brief but interesting history of The Shadow in pulps.

International Catalogue of Superheroes: The Shadow
An overview of The Shadow from the pulps


Pulp Pages:
World ebook Library Consortia
The largest digital archive of books online and in pdf format in the world. Search for Shadow pulps by Maxwell Grant here. You have to be a paying member to access the Web site's 100,000+ ebooks.

Danny's Shadow and Pulp Links Page
Has various Shadow pulp links.

The Shadow Pulps - Spain and Argentina
View the pulps covers of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Pete Rice that were published in Spain, then Argentina during 1936-1953.


Pulps for Sale:
Jamie Fraser Books
This online store sells pulps, paperback reprints, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, and more.


Pulp Art:
The Shadow Magazine
View this amazing collection of Shadow pulp covers from the US, Canada, and the UK.

Abel Diaz's Pulp Covers
Includes interior pulp illustrations as well as pulp covers

The Book Palace
Sells recreated Shadow pulp covers as posters. To find it, go to the search function (located on the top left), and type in pulp in the search field. This company specializes in illustrated books on pop culture, film, T.V. and more.


Collectable Paperbacks
Here's some good information about collecting old paperback novels.


Shadow Related Pulp Clubs at
Pulp-Chat - Check out the fan costumes of the pulp heroes (including The Shadow) on the main page
Doc Savage - Discussion of The Shadow is allowed.
Lamont Cranston
Monastery of the Green Lama
Pulp Writers
Shadow Pulp
The Shadow Files


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