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Radio Related Links

Radio (general):
The History of TV and Radio
Includes a brief history plus lots of helpful links about the various aspects of radio, including how it works, the advancements and breakthoughs, and the Radio Act of 1927 (in which politics, free speech, and technology intersect). Teacher and student recommended.

The Original Old-Time Radio
Everything you ever wanted to know about Old Time Radio (OTR), including history, copyrights, characters, rumours, lists of radio stations around the world that broadcast old shows, and more.

Old-Time Radio-Radio Days: A Soundbite History
Has histories of various genres, including sound clips of different shows, news programs and commentators. You can listen to commentary on important historical events, including Pearl Harbour, The Hindenburg, and the funeral of Robert Kennedy.

Library of American Broadcasting
A great place to look up radio-related periodicals, sound clips, photographs, books, scripts, video, and more. Operated by the University of Maryland Libraries.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
This site offers all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes all online searchable by plots, actors, and writers.

Australia's National Film and Sound Archive
You can do a search for the Australian version of The Shadow radio show episodes (click on the "Collection" link at the top of the page, then click on "Search the Collection"; make sure you check off the box beside "Radio" before you do your search.) You can view episode details (including actors' names and broadcast notes.) There is also an option to request access to the episode. Note that not all of the 78 episodes produced are included in the archives.

Antique Radio Classified
Devoted to the collector of antique radios. Includes classified ads, auctions, and articles from their magazine archives. Check out this informative article on Art Deco radios from The Shadow's era.

Voice America: Internet Talk Radio
Have an idea for your very own talk radio show? This site can help you get set up.


The Shadow Radio History:
Old-Time Radio History of The Shadow
A brief history of The Shadow Radio Show, featuring sound clips.

Radio Days: Mystery
A brief history of radio detectives and creepy stories.

Eerie House Old Tyme Radio: Ep. 26 - The Shadow, 3 Different Actors
Hosted by Dale Kay and Dave Binkley, this Old Time Radio podcast looks at the actors who portrayed The Shadow: Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone and Brett Morrison. For more Eerie House podcasts on all things OTR, check out their page at:

Biograpy of Grace Gibson
Ever wondered how Australia had their own version of The Shadow? You have Grace Gibson to thank for that. Born in America, she moved to Australia in the 1930s and ended up staying. She founded "Gibson Radio Productions", which produced various radio shows, often adapted from American scripts. Her company still survives as "Grace Gibson Productions" (see link below in The Shadow Radio Programs section.)


The Shadow Radio Programs:
The Shadow and Orson Welles
This playlist on YouTube features 22 of the most popular Shadow radio episodes starring Orson Welles.

Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs
A full listing of The Shadow Radio Show epsiodes. Note that the ealier season titles are still unknown.

Radio Spirits - The Shadow OTR CD Collections List
Check out Orion Petitclerc's Google Docs spreadsheet listing over 140 episodes from Radio Spirits The Shadow OTR CD collections. Organized by tracks and air dates. Also includes links to the CD collections themselves on the Radio Spirits site.

OTR Cat is dedicated to the preservation of otr shows. You can download or stream episodes in MP3, look up episode descriptions and information. Type "Shadow" in their search box on the left-hand menu to find episodes.

Grace Gibson Productions - The Shadow
You can purchase the CDs the Australian Shadow episodes, which comes in two volumes.

Zoot Radio
Zoot Radio features several free otr shows for download for members. Scroll down the page for their complete list. Also featured are links to otr bios (including Orson Welles and Agnes Moorehead), and an otr "primer" for those who are unfamiliar with it. Don't forget to drop by the forum for otr discussions.

Since 1999, Ned and Joy Norris have run this comprehensive otr website, RUSC (the acronym for R U Sitting Comfortably?). Members can not only download radio show episodes from a myriad of categories and add it to their playlist, but they can also learn more about the series and individual episodes. Also featured are regular editorials on radio shows, radio stars, and otr-themed crosswords.

Commissioner Weston's The Shadow Page This site has cast and crew information, history, episode list, episodes in mp3 for download, images of the actors who portrayed The Shadow, plus links to other Old Time Radio and Shadow sites.

Botar's Old Time Radio
This Old-Time Radio archive site features several episodes ranging from 1938 to 1948 in mp3 to download, plus a brief radio history.

The Shadow Radio Scripts
Want to recreate the show for yourself? Scroll down for a list of radio scripts from the show. Please note that they only have a small number of scripts available.

The Shadow on Old Time Radio Fans
Fan site features dowloadable episodes of The Shadow radio show.

The Shadow on Old Time Radio Fans
Fan site features dowloadable episodes of The Shadow radio show.


The Shadow Radio Programs to Sell or Trade:
The Shadow Connection
This site helps bring together traders of Shadow radio shows. Has episode list and dates, plus a traders page where you can contact the traders themselves.

Radio Archives
Radio show sets, pulp reprints, and serials on DVD are just some of the items you can purchase on this site. Don't forget to check out their newsletter as well.

Radio Spirits
You can find and purchase lots of radio shows from this site. Also featured is the 6 cassette radio set "The Shadow, Volume 1", plus single cassette/CD sets with two shows each.


Shadow Related Radio Clubs at
Orson Welles
The Shadow OTR


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