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The Monthly Poll Archive

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Poll Questions for 2002

Jan 9: What is your favourite quote from the comics?

Feb 6: If you were to apply for the position of Agent, why should The Shadow hire you (i.e. what kind of agent would you be)?

Mar 6: If you were given the opportunity to go back in time and interview Walter B. Gibson, what would you ask him?

Apr 10: If there was a television series based on The Shadow, which would work best: live action, animation, or computer animation?

May 8: Which fictional character (comic, t.v., movie, book, radio or pulp) would do a great crossover with The Shadow?

Jun 5: Do you think radio shows (in general) can be popular again?

Jul 3: What is your favorite scene in the 1994 movie?

Aug 7: What "extras" would you like to see in a "Special Edition" DVD of the 1994 movie?

Sep 4: What is the worst scene in the 1994 movie?

Oct 9: Have you ever dressed up as The Shadow, any of his guises, agents, or villains (for Halloween, costume contest, etc.)? What was the experience like and what was the reaction from other people?

Nov 13: Why do you think The Shadow (or any other pulp hero) is not very well known today?

Dec 11: What Shadow-related item (real or imagined) do you want for Christmas?


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