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Miscellaneous Shadow Tidbits

Note: I'm accepting submissions for this page. Know of any good tidbits about The Shadow? Email me!

Use this for your greeting card

The Shadow makes an appearance in....clipart?! Yes, that's right, I found this by accident. In Sierra Home® Print Artist 8.0 Platinum® clipart collection, this picture is located on CD #2 (of 7) under the category "Cartoon Men". It's entitled Radio Announcer, and the file name is Art175.gif


The Animated Shadow

Update: The Shadow in animation? Not really. The two clips below are actually from the 1998 French animated series Bob Morane. The "Shadow" that emerges from the smoke is actually an android henchbot working for the villain, and the man the android is attacking is actually one of the good guys!
You will need RealPlayer to view the two clips. (Thanks to Ed Kent for the clips and Doug Rice for the information!)

Drew Radley from "My Insomnia" created an atmostpheric, black-and-white cg-animated version of an episode of The Shadow radio show. Note that this is part one of the episode.(Thanks to Antony for the link!)


Extra Curricular Activities

Ever wanted to know what The Shadow does in his spare time? How about reporting on the Timeshare (or Vacation Ownership) industry? You have to see it to believe it! (Thanks to Ayn for the information!)


What's your sign?

The fantasy roleplaying game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind", available for PC and XBox, allows you to create your own character and set him/her on an adventure in a mythical world. You can shape your characer by choosing his/her race, type (e.g. warrior, wizard, etc.), and even his/her astrological sign. Interestingly enough, there is a "Shadow" sign which enables your character to become invisible at will! Learn more about the game.(Thanks to Don for the information)


Something to Sing About

Did you know that "Original Sin" was used in the 2002 Broadway musical "Dance of the Vampires"? This musical recycled and reused various Jim Steinman songs. The song "Original Sin" (combined with "Total Eclipse of the Heart", another Steinman hit) is performed by the lead vampire character named Graf von Krolock
(Thanks to David Bibb for the information and the updated links!)
Listen to the MP3 version here
European version of the Original Sin on YouTube
Dance of the Vampires site (on Web Archive)
Dance of the Vampires on Wikipedia

In the musical "Bye Bye Birdie", The Shadow and Lamont Cranston gets a brief mention in the lyrics.
(Thanks to Clyde Vincent for the information!)
Read it here - You'll need to scroll down to the last item listed right before Act 2, Scene 7
Info for Bye Bye Birdie

New Wave artists Devo (best known for the song Whip It) had a song called The Shadow. It was on their 1998 album Total Devo. The song deals with the dark side of people, and contains a few lines we Shadow fans know so well.(Thanks to Planetloud for the information!)
Devo's official site - live show info, discography, and more
Devo's unofficial site - a really good fan site

Both The Coasters and Link Wray each recorded a song called "The Shadow Knows" in 1958 and 1964 respectively. Link Wray's version was instrumental, and completely unrelated to The Coaster's song apart from the title. (Thanks to P.J. for the information!)
Info for The Coasters
Info for Link Wray

UK band Mudlow recently recorded a cover of Link Wray's "The Shadow Knows" for a Link Wray tribute project. Their music video on YouTube features various images of The Shadow from different media, plus vintage photographs of real-life crimes from the 1920s and 1930s. (Thanks to Mudlow for the information!)
The Shadow Knows by Mudlow
Official site for Mudlow

"Iron Will" the 2008 album from Swedish heavy metal band Grand Magus features a song called "The Shadow Knows".(Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the information!)
Official site for Grand Magus
Info for Grand Magus
Lyrics for "The Shadow Knows"

Yes, believe it or not, there is a blues band called "The Lamont Cranston Band".
(Thanks to Clyde Vincent for the information!)
Info for The Lamont Cranston Band
Profile at Blues on Stage.

No he doesn't sing, but would be great if he did. As see in this clip from an "Inside Edition" report, Michael Jackson appears at a Famous Monsters Convention in Hollywood 1995 wearing a Nosferatu mask. Keep your eye on the far right of the screen: an attendee dressed as The Shadow appears at 31 seconds into the clip.
(Thanks to Paul Blanshard for the information!)
The Shadow's surprise appearance


Spyware's own Spy

In Lavasoft's anti-spyware software, SpySweeper, the control panel along the left side features two buttons that show a figure in the background dressed in black with a wide-brimmed hat tilted down on one side. Sound familiar?
Spysweeper screenshot
(Thanks to Corey G. for the information and picture!)


Shadow Source Code

Buried deep in a large assembly language performance monitor named DCMS - the Dirt Cheap Monitor System:

/* Purpose: Only Lamont Cranston knows */.
The block of code (50 or so instructions) had no obvious entrance, no exit and the program failed without it.

Note: An assembly language is a low-level programming language for computers
(Thanks to David Bibb for the information!)


Spy Game

In this card game, "Spy", you must send out your spies to deliver secret documents. Notice that the cover of the card game looks very similiar to the 1994 movie poster!
Cover picture - See for yourself
Spy - A review of the card game
(Thanks to Jeff Hoffman for the information and picture!)


The Shadow in Video Games

Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves, oh my...
Released in 1999, video game "Nocturne" featured a mysterious .45 automatic-wielding anti-hero clad in a fedora and a long trench coat that whipped in the wind like a cloak. Sound familiar? Reminiscent of The Shadow from the radio and comics, "The Stranger" fought the supernatural. The difference is, the game is set in the 1920s, The Stranger works for a secret government organization, and those .45s are laser-guided!
Overview and review of Nocturne at Gamespot
View the screenshots - Some pictures of The Stranger
Droogie's Nocturne FAQ - The complete walkthrough and plot
(Thanks to Phil Bledsoe for the information!)

Crime in the City
In 1991, Nintendo released the game "Nightshade", featuring a "Shadowy-looking" vigilante who takes over the crime fighting when the city's protector is murdered.
More information
(Thanks to Clyde Vincent for the information!)

Shadow of the Apocalypse
The 2015 game "Fallout 4" which takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Boston features a Shadow-inspired fictional comic book character called The Silver Shroud. Like The Shadow, he wears a fedora and a scarf and fights crime in the city. In the game itself, the player can disguise him/herself as The Silver Shroud.
More about The Silver Shroud
More about Fallout 4
(Thanks to Ashley for the information!)

Pulp Heroes Unite!
Ever wished for a pulp hero video game? Pulp enthusiast Benton Grey has created a mod for the video game "Freedom Force" featuring over 20 pulp heros including The Shadow, Doc Savage, Zorro, The Spider, The Lone Ranger, The Phantom, and Miss Fury.
Here's what Benton says you'll need to play the game:

You do need a copy of Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich to play the mod, but it is extremely cheap these days. You can buy it for five or six bucks on and Steam, less when on sale, which happens often. It was designed for Windows XP, but it seems to work pretty well in Windows 8 and 10, though I suggest running the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2. If you have the Steam version, running Steam itself in compatibility mode is also a good idea to avoid issues.

Here are the requirements for the game:
  • Minimum system requirements - Windows: XP / Vista/ 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz recommended
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 32MB video card with hardware T&L
  • Mouse, Keyboard.
If folks have any trouble getting the game to work or have questions about the mod, they can find help from the fantastic FF community, myself included, at our forum, Freedom Reborn.
More about the Pulp Adventures Mod
More about Freedom Force and its sequel
(Thanks to Benton Grey for the information!)

Call of The Shadow
The standalone Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops III (released in 2015 by Treyarch) features a "Shadows of Evil" map on disk. The setting is in a fictional 1940s metropolis called "Morg City". The poster for this game features a shadowy figure in a fedora called the "Shadow Man", who can appear and disappear at will. [Spoiler Alert!] In the reveal, however, he turns out to be less Shadow-y and more of a Lovecraftian-like shapeshifter.
According to NaBrZHunter and PINNAZ at the Call of Duty Zombies Forums:

The reveal trailer certainly had a familiar sound to it, however.
"I have been watching. I have seen each and every one of your misdeeds...your sins serve only as an invitation. An invitation to an evil beyond your imagination. I will lead the way. I will show you the path. Only through me, the Shadow Man, will you find your redemption."
Reveal Trailer
[Webmistress's Note: According to YouTube, you need to log in to see this as some of the content in the video might not be appropriate for some.]

This Shadow Man continues to evoke thoughts of The Shadow in his appearances in later maps, such as the [Black Ops III] re-release of the 2011 Zombies map, Ascension
[Webmistress's Note: You can see the Shadow Man on the left hand side of the window in this picture.]

Also interesting to note is the fact that the Black Ops Zombies series has also used the element of a one-night, repeated death time loop like the one in The Shadow radio episode, "The Man Who Murdered Time" (1939). One of the masterminds behind the game mode, Craig Houston, has a particular interest in time-anomalies, and has made countless references to Lost (TV Show) and other pop culture icons over the years.
(Thanks to NaBrZHunter and PINNAZ at the Call of Duty Zombies Forums for the information and pictures!)
More information about Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Voice Overs
On an episode of Retro Replay, voice over artists Nolan North (video game franchise Uncharted, TV series Rick and Morty) and Troy Baker (video game God of War (2018), TV series Marvel's Avengers Assemble) have a conversation while playing a video game. At the 16 min mark, they discuss what kind of assassin they would like to be. Troy Baker says that he would like to be an assassin similar to The Shadow. There's also brief clip from the 1994 movie where The Shadow tells Roy Tam that he's saved his life and it now belongs to him.
(Thanks to Ashley for the information!)


Road Warrior

Check out the artwork on the Outlaw monster truck. Looks more "Shadowy" than cowboy, don't you think?
See for yourself
(Thanks to Johanna Walker for the information!)


Lurking in the Shadows to Give You a Trim

This article about hairdressers and barbers operating in secrecy despite the COVID-19 lockdown measures in the UK features a Shadow-inspired hairdresser armed with a hairdryer and comb instead of the twin.45s.
(Thanks to Gary Osborne for the link!)


A Shadow-y Pub Crawl

An English pub is probably the last place you expect to find The Shadow hanging around, but these two London pubs will change your mind:

(Thanks to Andrew Sumner for the information, and for managing to snap these pictures of The Gladstone Arms before and after new management, and Filthy MacNasty's before and after the renovation!)



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