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The Shadow Sequel Poll Archive

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Sequel Questions for 2001

Feb 14: Who would you pick to direct the sequel?

Mar 7: Would you base the sequel on an existing Shadow story or start fresh from scratch?

Mar 21: Who would you hire to write the screenplay?

Apr 4: Who would you pick to play The Shadow?

Apr 18: Which agents would you have in the sequel and who would play them?

May 2: Which villains would you have in the sequel? Would the villain(s) be based on an established character or an original one? And who would play the villain(s)?

May 30: Would you set the story in New York City (The Shadow's haunting grounds), or would you "branch out" to other locales?

Jun 27: Who would you pick to compose the soundtrack ?

Jul 25: If there was an original theme song for the sequel, who would you pick to sing it?

Aug 22: What would be the theme for the sequel (i.e. dark and serious, or fun and campy like the 1994 movie, a bit of both, or something else)?

Sep 19: How long would the sequel be? A short and sweet 1 hour and 45 minutes, or an epic 2 hours or longer?

Oct 17: What would the rating of the sequel be? An almost "family friendly" PG (Parental Guidance) or an "adults only" R (Restricted — 17 and older)?

Nov 14: How much money, time and effort would you spend on promoting the sequel?

Dec 12: Describe your grand vision of the sequel


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