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The Shadow Monthly Poll

What do you think are The Shadow's weaknesses?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Well, this was difficult one to consider. The Shadow's weakness is his agents. Nothing else seems to affect him much. Yes, he is nothing but flesh and blood. However, once you mix in the agents then yes it gets messy. Evidence can be found in both Maxwell Grant's books and The Shadow Strikes comics.

Well, as with any telepathist the weakness has to be a mental overload. Proffessor X has this weakness, so does Jean Grey [from the X-Men]. The only way around this is to train really hard on multi-stressful events.

—Chris R.
I think that the movie Shadow definetly has weaknesses. Over-confidence seems to be one of them, also the fact that he's afraid of his own shadowy past isn't a good thing.

As far as the radio Shadow goes, I'd have to say he's careless. After all, he's only Cranston, and not Allard, so I dont think he had that same war/spy experience that really makes The Shadow stand out as a character. I've listened to episodes where he just goes blundering into different rooms that have traps in them, and he brings Margo in too. She's lucky enough not to be killed that way. I don't think The Shadow would endanger the lives of his agents in that matter. Usually they KNOW they are charging into danger for the cause of justice, not just following some guy in a tuxedo around to see if he gets killed.

The pulp version might not have any weakness, other than being human. I've seen him fall out windows, get shot through the chest, knocked out, beaten to a pulp, drugged, and practically everything else! He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! I really wish he would wear some bullet poof armor or something. Another weakness is daylight or flashlights, but the flashlights more than daylight. It's like a circle of death for him. At least he is a good enough marksman to shoot out the flashlights though. Another weakness: luck. Call it fate, call it chance, call it whatever you want, but I swear that guy has no good luck. Some freakish coincidence always spoils his plans and he ends up having to do something drastic, or basically start over. Not to mention his agents get captured a lot.

—Corey C.
The Shadows only has two "weaknesses" I can think of:

1.) Being mortal, he can be injured or killed, just like anyone else.

2a.) In the pulps, he was often exposed by someone unexpectedly turning on a light and revealing him.

2b.) On the radio, his power of invisibility had some problems. In one episode, he was revealed by splashing water (used in the movie). In another, an electric eye gave him away, and in another it was a camera. I understand the technology problems (can't fool the camera) but I always had a problem with the "physical" giveaway weakness. If someone had the power to cloud your mind so you could not see him, why couldn't that power hide anything else (such as preventing you from seeing a door open or impressions made while walking across a carpet or muddy ground or sitting in a chair)?

—Earl R.


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