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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Which comic book artist (besides the ones listed on this site) should do the next Shadow comic series or graphic novel?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

As much as I love Neil Gaiman, I think I'd much prefer to see The Shadow written by Frank Miller. Don't care for Todd's writing at all though. Definitely Miller. Put him on pencil duties as well. That'd be very very cool.

—Jim R.
To be honest, the only way is to probably do a revamp of The Shadow comics in Manga style. Why? The Japanese tend to get away with a lot more violence and stuff. The man I believe would be preferable for the job would be Kohta Hirano, the disturbed mind behind the anime series known as Hellsing. Well the anime quality is debatable, but the Manga leaves the fan thirsting for more.

However, if we wanted a hometown writer, I would recommend Aaron Williams, the comic mind behind a pun-filled comic known as PS 238 [about a school for children with metahuman abilities]. He can be serious if he truly wanted to, however I find his writing enlightening and upbeat. (And for us Shadow fans, be sure to look up, cause you'll be fairly surprised to find out who is in charge of the school.)

Quite simply, the next artist to adapt The Shadow to a graphic novel format should be Jim Steranko. Steranko developed the American graphic novel form from the beginning with his Chandler story, Red Tide and his work at Marvel is legendary, to say the least. Most to the point, Steranko was a personal friend of Walter Gibson and could, more than all the other artists combined, bring the essence of the 'Master of Darkness' to the page in a way never seen before. His cover art for the Pyramid books reprint series (and revised art for the re-reprints) is ample evidence of his almost over-qualification.

—Doug R.
My hopes for the creative teams to produce a new Shadow comic or graphic novel thus follows:
  1. Alex Ross (artist) and Ed Brubaker (writer). Two of the top talents at DC Comics of the last decade.
  2. Joe Kubert (artist and writer). The man who gave real life to Tarzan and his world for DC in the seventies, Joe is a master of mood and action and a faithful follower of the authors word.
  3. Russ Heath (artist and writer) [Worked on The Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer]
  4. John & Marie Severin (aritists, colorists, and writers). The brother and sister team has been creating the best in comic art since the late forties, and still going strong.
  5. Gene Colan (artist) and Frank Miller (writer). That's right, Frank Miller as writer. Gene's recent work on The Spider gets my vote for pencils. Frank conveys too much bulk for the starved-down depression era characters, yet has a fatalist grasp on the writing, perfect for the period.
  6. Alan Moore (artist and writer). Read From Hell [but don't see the movie version]. Any questions?
  7. Bernie Wrightson (artist and writer). No other comic artist could bring enough torture to the tale.
  8. Neal Adams (artist) and Denny O'Neil (writer). Seems like old times.
  9. Dan Clowes (writer/artist) or Pete Bagge (artist/ writer). The funniest version ever (or since Harvey Kurtzman parodied The Shadow in Mad Magazine in the fifties)!
  10. James Bama (artist) and Roy Thomas (writer). Heavy nostalgia, and a first for Bama.
  11. Jim Steranko (artist and writer). "Nuff Said!" — Old Marvel Bullpen adage.
My criteria is based on (1) all the above are alive and working, and (2) they are all tremendous comic book talents that I love and respect.

—Tom L.
I want to see Alex Ross do The Shadow justice. I'd love to see his photo-realistic take on the character. I'm POSITIVE it would knock the socks off of everybody, fan and non-fan alike.



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