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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Who is your favourite villain from the pulps, and why do you think this person is the perfect arch-nemesis for The Shadow?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

My favorite villain from the pulps is Shiwan Khan, but having just read The Death Tower, I think Dr. Palermo takes the cake. His scheming almost trapped The Shadow completely. I don't think I have ever seen The Shadow so angry! And the way he used people, including his girlfriend Thelda, is just vile.

—Lori J.
Dr. Mabuse!

Yes, Doctor Mabuse, that master criminal of Post-WWI German pulp-fiction and films (directed by Fritz Lang) -- the scourge of Europe and an overlord of a criminal empire. Almost as mysterious as the Master of Darkness himself, the evil Mabuse would be a most formidable foe. In fact, as Mabuse had survived every attempt at capture by the forces of Justice, perhaps only a being like The Shadow actually could bring him down.

Webmistress's Note: Though the poll was for The Shadow's villains, I've decided to make an exception after reading more about Dr. Mabuse.
Find out more about him here.

—Doug R.


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