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The Shadow Monthly Poll

What sort of video game would you like to see The Shadow in?

Here are your choices below:

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

I would have to say the best way to go about this is a Role Player. Something like Fable for the Xbox would do nicely. Why? For those of us who haven't played Fable, every choice that you make reflects the outcome. Shadow fans would love that: seeing instant results of their actions. It's more real. However, I believe there have to be puzzles and something like the Jedi mind trick for the game to actually work... But that's just me.

I'd probably pick "action plus some puzzle solving", because if you're not busting up tough clues and riddles, you're not the mastermind that The Shadow really is. Yeah, he's an infallible marksman, but still he's the master of everything, not just artillery.

—Corey C.
The game should be Action/adventure. Devil may Cry and Psi-Ops kinda deals with the use of two weapons, which is a nice touch. It's kinda hard to tell just which [of the two video games] the 1994 movie comes close to, but I'd have to say it's more Psi-Ops [with its] guns and telepathic powers. The game could be a mix of guns, swords and powers. Who knows, maybe the game would have outfits based on the toys.

—Chris R.
The stealth action genre, more specifically Splinter Cell is perfect for The Shadow; the use of darkness and shadows [in that game] is perfect. The only addition that would be necessary would be the psychic powers, which could be represented quite well in that format.

—David S.


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