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The Shadow Monthly Poll

What can we do to bring The Shadow back into the spotlight again?

(Thank you to Geoff for the suggestion!)

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

I honestly believe, after being a Shadow fan for nearly eight years, this would require a meeting of the minds. This meeting of the minds would have to inculde every Shadow Fan worldwide, comic publishers and writers, and of course those who currently own the rights.

However, this may present more problems than solutions. Why? Every writer, publisher, and fan has a different veiw of The Shadow. There are very few points (if any) that all three groups would or could agree on. What these points are can and mostly will be agrued by other fans. Though, after much research I can see at least two comic publishers have [these points] in common. DC and Dark Horse both agreed that The Shadow has recieved (or was forced into) training from an unnamed master in a place called Shamblaha. They also agree upon Maxwell Grant's original identity: Kent Allard. And of course, The Shadow's involvement in "The Great War".

From here it gets quiet messy, and as a loyal fan, I would rather avoid [it]. From these humble and yet not quite understood beginnings, anything goes and it often has. It's after this point that either makes or breaks a hero, especially a "Godfather" like The Shadow.

However, enough dancing around the question, what can be done to bring The Shadow back?

As in my last opinion, those who own the rights currently need to do something about it, or make The Shadow public domain, giving his fans a chance to rekindle his dying legacy. If this happens, there should be a meeting of the minds. That way fans, writers, and publishers can agree about how to bring this highly [controversial] hero back. Then time will only tell, for that's the true test for any comic [book] hero. Though, The Shadow has hung on this long in the hearts of his fans, who is to say that he will be back in force for a new generation of fans? The main problem here is time, conflicting ideas, and those blasted copyrights. But, this is just my honest and outspoken opinion.

Actually this should be more of the question: What would Maxwell Grant do upon seeing the decay of his own creation?

I would do something like Playstation did when the PS2 came out. Just show the outline of the product, but this would be just the outline of The Shadow. Maybe show the red scarf, or even the black hat sitting on a table, or even a side view of The Shadow, and have something along the bottom that says: "Long before The Bat and The Spider ,one man saved New York from evil". [Add in] a date as to find out who on 6/23/05 [for example].

—Chris R.
To bring him back, we should get him back into the media that he started with. My friend wants me to come down to the local radio station dressed up as The Shadow. One problem with that is that I dont have the sardonic laugh, and creepy voice. Not to mention the fact that I'm a girl. ;)

I'm trying to write pulp length novels, with the original characters back in action, and I also do my best to draw new creative pictures of The Master of Darkness. The more stuff we make, the better chance the regular public has to see it. And if no one else besides the fans get to see my creations, at least they will appreciate it the most. And thats what counts...loyalty to the Chief. ;)

—Corey C.


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