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The New Shadow Movie Poll

Overall, what do you NOT want to see in the new movie?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

This question hits a nerve. Basically, what I do not want to see for a new Shadow film is the pulp movie formula, as was done with The Shadow (1994), The Rocketeer (1991) and The Phantom (1996) (the best of these being Rocketeer). I don't want an environment in this movie that looks like a movie set. I don't want a poorly written script with poor dialogue and I don't want bad acting or cardboard characterization.

It would be nice to see a complete and direct translation of the golden era (the 1930's/1940's) to screen without feeling forced. I don't want a watered-down pulp flavor. I want dialogue, attitudes and fashion as it really was in that era. I don't want a big spectacle for the sake of being spectacle just because it is a period piece. I want a plain clothes film with sensible action (just as I'm sure Walter Gibson would have it). I want a grounded film and I don't want it to be over the top. I don't want to see cardboard cutout mob bosses. Every character should have a purpose.

—Greg D.
I don't want to see an invisible Shadow (pun intended). A Shadow on film who turns invisible is a cop out. Let him blend with the shadows and backgrounds without special effects. Let him stand in plain sight and not be seen. Watch the end scene in Harry and the Hendersons and you'll know the sort of thing I'm talking about.

I don't want to see a modern day version of The Shadow. I believe that some pulp characters can be successfully translated to modern day, but The Shadow is not one of them.

I don't want to see Seth Rogen within a hundred miles of this production.

—Keith H.
This question does hit a nerve. Because then you actually have to think about all the films they done of The Shadow. How each and every one of them fell extremely short... For the most part I'll agree with Greg D. I don't want to see bad acting. Nor do I want to see that nearly irking visible/invisible ability. And for God's sake, NO ONE LINERS!!!!

What I want to see is something more like Batman Begins done in the Noir style of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. I want a movie that would do Justice to the character! Like Greg D, I would love them to do The Shadow movie more closely related to his Pulp roots, then that mesh-mess that Universal poorly cobbled together. To be honest I would LOVE to see the movie Paul Malmont describes in his "The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril" Chapter Twenty-seven pages 195-197.



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