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The New Shadow Movie Poll

What would the rating of the new movie be? PG (Parental Guidance) or R (Restricted - 17 and above)?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

I think it would be an offense to Gibson if the new one was rated R. The Shadow is NOT The Punisher. He doesn't just blow villains up with bullets. He thinks, and plans, and schemes. He is one of the cleverest heroes in existence and if he just blew things up in a gory way, Gibson would turn in his grave.

—Abel D.
Let me begin by saying that at this point, I have become increasingly disillusioned with Hollywood and have lost faith in their ability to make a wonderful hero/adventure oriented film (Christopher Nolan's Batman films are the exception).

As far as a rating for the Shadow movie, I would tentatively say, PG-13. PG-13 should be fine, however we are operating in the world of the pulps and accordingly there should be vulgarity and violence, but it will need to be realistic to that era. There will definitely need to be scantily clad and glamorously seductive women to demonstrate the sex angle of the pulp magazines, but no nudity. As far as societal attitudes, racism and misogyny of the 30's and 40's should be omitted for good taste. The tone should be as noir-ish, gritty and dark as possible without being grotesque or tasteless.

I have no wish to do a Disney-esque, light-hearted and pulp-ish action hero film (The Rocketeer). This is the Shadow. It needs to be bleak, mysterious and reflect the era of the Great Depression. As a fan of the luridness of the pulps, I think this film should be highly stylized, but still retain an expertly crafted story. We should see death, blazing guns, ugly thugs, seductive women and as many explosions as possible. It should be less like the 2008 version of The Spirit and something more akin to a cross between Sin City and The Maltese Falcon.

In closing, a PG-13 rating would add to the amount of people who could view the film in theatres. With PG-13, you can be as controversial as possible, while holding back unnecessary evils, but still get the box office draw that comes from the younger crowd.

—Greg D.


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