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The New Shadow Movie Poll

Which of The Shadow's Agents would you like to see, and who will play them?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

As far as agents, who are often the backbone of the stories, I think a few agents are essential for a movie:
  1. Harry Vincent - possibly played by Shia Labeouf [Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)], because he is the best young actor out there, and Vincent is young when he first meets The Shadow.
  2. Margo Lane -she could be played by any middle aged A Lister, I'm thinking Cameron Diaz (who is actually set to play Lenore Case in The Green Hornet [2010]).
  3. Moe Shrevnitz - He of course has to be in the movie, but I'm not particularly sure who could play him. Hopefully a deeper portrayal than Peter Boyle in 1994.
  4. I also wouldn't mind seeing Angelina Jolie [Wanted (2008)] in a made up role as an agent. (She is a decent actress and could bring something to this movie).
  5. Jericho Druke - The most underrated of The Shadow's agents, plenty of guys could play him, but I would nominate the wonderful Michael Clark Duncan [The Green Mile (1999)].

—Greg D.
Again like the Poll questions before this one... It would depend on who, perhaps even what The Shadow was facing to which agents would be needed. Though I would have to say on of the few agents I would like to see would be Burbank. Now don't ask me who would play him, because to be honest. I have no idea.

Though, I'm not sure if you call him an Agent, but I would [also] like to see Vic Marquette, Joe Cardona. And of the agents, Miles Crofton, the only other aviator on staff.

—Liz T.
  1. William H. Macy [Seabiscuit 2003]as Commissioner Weston. He seems like someone who doesn't want to believe in The Shadow but would when confronted by facts.
  2. Nicholas Cage [Ghost Rider 2007] as agent Cliff Marsland. Mr Gage can affect the attitude of the man who claims he wants to gun down The Shadow quite nicely.
  3. Luke Wilson [Charlie's Angels 2003] as young Harry Vincent, the earliest recruit who shares the same amazed gaze that Mr Wilson has shown. Plus he seems he can do the rough stuff.
  4. Ted Danson [Saving Private Ryan (1998)] as Inspector Joe Cardona, 20 veteran ace detective of the NYC police. Mr Danson has the perfect way of expressing surprise and puzzlement, two attributes he'd need in encounters with The Shadow

—Steve S.


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