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The New Shadow Movie Poll

Who would you pick to play Margo Lane?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

Eva Green (Casino Royale, The Golden Compass, Kingdom of Heaven) has demonstrated her talent in a variety of varied roles. I have no doubt that she could handle Margo Lane in whichever version the filmmakers choose to go with (i.e. woman of questionable virtue, society girl looking for excitement, devoted friend and companion). Whichever route they go, I hope at least the character as written is a strong woman, and a worthy agent of the Master of Darkness.

—Keith H.
Who would I pick to play Margo Lane? Like the other poll, I'll answer this one with a question. Do we need her? From all the reprints, I've read thus far... Margo Lane is nothing but a distraction...which proves to more trouble then she worth. Now female characters like Lenore Meldon, Irene Marcy and of course, Myra Reldon. Now there are women who can and often hold their own. So I repeat my question. Do we need Margo Lane? And what would her role be?

—Liz T.


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