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The New Shadow Movie Poll

Who would you pick to play The Shadow?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

While there are plenty of fine actors that could play the Shadow, only a few who could pull off the laugh, as well as the portrayal of Lamont Cranston. To play the Shadow, I would have Clive Owen.

He was awesome as Dwight, in "Sin City" and he is a good actor to boot!

—Greg D.
As to the age old question: "Who do you want to play 'The Shadow' on a new movie?", I had to ponder. Obvious choices like Clive Owen will likely crop up, but he and other high-profile actors will likely want the project fitted to 'suit' Mr. Baldwin did, to a degree.

No, I'd want an experienced actor who has spent a lot of time doing the 'dark' villains in movies, who has the physical looks, the age, and even the seasoning this role offers. He should have the 'look' and the 'voice' to carry it off as well. I choose Jeremy Irons. He would be terrific as the darkest of crime-fighters -- aloof, knowing, piercing, unnerving and yet urbane and dapper as Cranston. He may be a little long-in-tooth for some of the physical stunts -- but with that cloak and hat, a good stunt-man could fill-in easily.

—Doug R.
Jeremy Irons is a really good choice. In fact, he was on my short-list when this same topic came up for the '94 movie. And although I'd be happy if they chose him, I'm currently championing Adrien Brody (The Pianist, Hollywoodland, King Kong). Though not classically handsome, he's a terrific actor who fits The Shadow's physical description, including the hawk-like proboscis, to a "T."

—Keith H.
Who would I pick to play The Shadow? Well, I would have to answer this question with a question. Which Shadow are they going to be dealing with... The Radio? The Comic? or The Pulp? Until this question is answer, I dare not name an actor. However, he must respect what The Shadow meant to the world. And still does.

—Liz T.
Why not have an unlisted star portray the Shadow in costume but have his daytime identities Lamont Cranston, Kent Allard, George Clarendon, Mogler, and Henry Arnaud played by different actors? This could make for an easier way to head into sequels and keep in the spirit of the earliest novels such as The Living Shadow, wherein the underworld was watching the radio studio broadcasting His exploits to learn The Shadow's identity. My best guesses for casting:
  • Liam Neeson [Batman Begins 2005] as the Shadow would be superb. His eyes and profile are almost lifted from the Rozen paintings
  • In my scenario, Alec Baldwin could come back as the newspaper man George Clarendon who always seemed an older Lamont Cranston
  • Colin Farrell [Miami Vice 2006] as the Henry Arnaud disguise which is that of a sophisticated businessman. I saw Colin portray a sophisticated author once so he'd be good.
  • Steve Buscemi [Ghost World 2001] as the underworld disguise only called Mogler. Mr Buscemi has the inquisitive eyes, as well as the disarming quality of a henchman.
  • Dean Cain [Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - 1993-1997 TV series] as Kent Allard. His eyes and profile make him perfect to play The Shadow's true identity
  • Pierce Brosnan [Die another Day 2002] as Lamont Cranston for his appearance and the sophisticated way he carried himself as James Bond to be the millionaire daytime face of The Shadow.

—Steve S.


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