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The New Shadow Movie Poll

Who would you pick to direct the new Shadow movie (if Sam Raimi is not directing?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules though.

Unfortunately, my wish-list is dead guys...but just two of them. The first is Orson Welles, for obvious reasons (like, he played The Shadow on radio and was a maverick film director of some note). The other would be none other than Fritz Lang. Why? Think of awesome urban dynamics and you get "Metropolis"...think of fearsome villians and death-traps and you get "Dr. Mabuse", think of an army of underworld thugs controlling the city streets and you have "M"...it's all Fritz Lang! He would have been great directing a Shadow movie

—Doug R.
The news of this movie has excited me ever since I heard about it. While I am nervous about Raimi directing because of what he did in "Spiderman 3", I really do love most of his work. The "Evil Dead" movies are wonderful, and the Shadow-esque "Darkman" is great as well.

But if I was going to have a director, I would have Michael Mann. He is really imaginative as a writer/director & the highlights of his work include many great crime dramas, the best eample being 1995's "Heat". I think he would research the world of pulps and might stay true to the essence of The Shadow, whilst giving a very real and very gritty interpretation. He is the man that was in charge of "Ali", starring Will Smith and he updated "Miami Vice" for the big screen. Mann can be chilling and bring the scary/supernatural apect into it as well, as he was the first to bring the character of Hannibal Lecter to the big screen with his adaptation of novel "Red Dragon", in his film "Manhunter".

—Greg D.
I would have to go with Zack Snyder for the sequel. He proved himself with "Watchmen".It had that dark, edgy quality about it. In the original [Shadow movie], I thought it was too campy. Baldwin & Curry were all wrong.

—Brian G.


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