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The Shadow Sequel Poll

Which Shadow pulp or radio show (or combination of both) would you adapt?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Of all the shows that I would adapt, I would take nearly any of the Orson Welles shows, but probably specifically the very first episode Death House Rescue. These original shows made The Shadow what he was in the radio show, before the show [itself] grew stale with redundant storylines.

Wow...this is an almost impossible question to answer. I'd have to say first that it would be better to stick to one medium of The Shadow or the other. Don't go mixing the radio version with the pulp version. He's either got to have mind clouding powers or not. Personally, I prefer not. It makes everything he does just that more exciting and amazing. If I would have to pick a pulp for the movie to be based on, it would have to have at least a couple of the regular agents in it helping out The Shadow. I'd have the Chief mostly working in the backround, although you see him frequently in places like: the Sanctum( just bare hands and Girasol under blue shaded lamp), Police Headquarters (as Fritz the Janitor), trailing some crook through darkened streets (in cloak and hat), and at least once posing as Lamont Cranston, but the audience would CLEARLY know that Cranston is a DISGUISE not an "alter-ego." There would also be awesome fight scenes where The Shadow battles with a mob of thugs, some really intelligent mastermind for him to match wits with, and at least one scene with the infamous Autogyro.

Personally I'd also like to see the lack of "damsel in distress" from Margo, if she is included in the movie at all. I don't think she is necessary, after all he already has a group of capable agents to serve him. We dont need her to go bungling things up. Also most of the pulps don't have her in the story anyways, she was a later add-on because of the hit radio show. Lastly, and most importantly I believe the character of The Shadow should remain a mystery throughout the ENTIRE movie. No origins, no flashbacks, zilch, zippo, nada. The audience wouldnt need it, and it takes away from the exciting action. Leaving the backstory out, you can get right down to business. The only thing that I would even THINK about alluding to would be his WWI spy/ace pilot days. But that's it, no more.

—Corey C.


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