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The Shadow Sequel Poll

Would you like the Shadow sequel to be a "prequel"? (i.e. From Kent Allard's childhood to adulthood as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow)

(Thanks to Chris R. for the suggesting this idea!)

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

An origin story would be wonderful and yet, then again you would have arguments about where The Shadow began. Yes, many agree about that His original name is Kent Allard and that he fought in the Great War, but from that point on, this version has split more ways than a river. Yes, Batman Begins may be successful but this doesn't mean a Shadow movie would be. Look how well the 1994 version faired. And it's possible people are getting bored of the "Superhero" flicks. Despite these harsh truths, this would be a prime time for another Shadow movie.

A prequel: to relive the events of Kent Allard childhood to the Lamont Cranston/The Shadow. This way everyone is finally clear on just how The Shadow came to be. At this time maybe next year would be a better time [for a Shadow prequel]. Let The Batman have his time in the light. The real danger lurks in the shadows, and there to stop them will be one of the greatest superheroes and one of the best telepathists of all time: The Shadow.

—Chris R.
I think The Shadow's past is better left as a mystery. It adds more to the character in this case not to know every tidbit of his childhood and early life. No one wants to see a little Shadow. I'd rather just see him kicking butt and taking names!

—Corey C.
I would like to see another Shadow movie, but am not sure a full origin story (a la Batman Begins) would be the right way to go. Back in the 70's when DC put out the Shadow comics, they asked readers if they wanted an origin story. The general consensus (and I concur) is that it would take away some of the mystery. On the other hand, it could bring in more people who don't know the character.

—Earl R.


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