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The Shadow Fan Fiction Short Stories

  • By Corey Christopher
    • The Red Talon
      The Shadow must protect a scientist's secret formula from falling into the wrong hands.
  • By Dark Mark
    • Final Shadows
      Set in the 1950s, as Margo and Lamont face a turning point in their lives, Shiwan Khan re-emerges for his final battle with The Shadow. (Link to story posted with permission.)
  • By Greg Daulton
    • The Mystery of the Mad Doctor
      Set in 1940, a small fry gang is propelled to big-time status by a scheme to kidnap the Mayor. The ringleader of this little scheme is known only as The Mad Doctor... Meanwhile, for various reasons, the police decide to not alert the public of the Mayor's abduction. The Shadow must now find the Mayor before the secret of his abduction leaks and causes mass panic for all of New York. A new agent is brought into the Shadow's dark and mysterious world. Featuring: Moe Shrevnitz, Burbank, Joe Cardona and a new suprise agent.
    • The Evil from the Hills
      When a series of weird, unexplainable murders from a small backwoods town in the state of North Carolina gains national attention, The Shadow sends his right hand, Harry Vincent, to solve the mystery. The case reveals a strange cult, obsessed with awaking the dead, so they can take over the town. The Shadow must expose the cult for what it really is -- a fraud -- before time runs out.
    • The Death of The Shadow
      An aging and bitter Lamont Cranston recalls the events that made him give up his life's work as The Shadow.
    • Webmistress' Note: Please note that "The Horror of the Nazi Phantom" has been removed as per the author's request.
  • By Michael M.
    • The Zombie Master
      The Shadow must stop a crime wave committed by....the undead?
    • Prophecy of Doom
      Lamont's friend firmly believes in the prophecies of a man named Nostromos, but Lamont has other ideas.
  • By Qutime
    • Never Forget
      The Shadow travels to Paragon City on an invitation from a mysterious woman.
  • By Planetloud
    • The Bengal Tiger
      When agent Dr. Roy Tam discovers that his friend is murdered in connection with a valuable carved tiger, it's up to The Shadow to solve the mystery. (Link to story posted with permission.)
  • By SCWLC
    • And the Rest is Silence
      Lamont Cranston struggles with his inner darkness in this songfic based on the 1994 movie.


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