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The Shadow Fan Fiction Crossovers

  • By Greg Daulton
    • In the Midst of Shadows
      When a string of unsolved jewelry thefts plagues Detroit, The Shadow teams up with another legendary crime-fighter to crack the case. A Shadow/Green Hornet crossover.
  • By Matt Dennion
    • Identities and the 8th Wonder
      When Carl Denham's exhibition of the "8th Wonder of the World", goes horribly wrong, the resulting destruction is seen through the eyes of The Shadow and his various guises. This crossover features several cameos of charcters taken from the pulps, movies, TV, and novels.
    • Passing the Torch
      A terrified girl trapped in a nightmare frantically tries to escape a killer, only to find that help comes from an unlikely and unexpected figure. This Shadow crossover features a myriad of charcters taken from comics, movies, and TV.
      Webmistress' Note: This short story has been selected to appear in Volume 7 of Tales of the Shadowmen due out December 1 2010, albeit with a few changes. You saw it here first. Congratulations Matt!
    • Shadow of the Warrior
      When a legendary tomb is unearthed and shipped to a museum in Chicago, The Shadow is dispatched to retrieve it. With the mob, the Nazis, and the toughest cop on the force after it as well, it's not going to be easy. A Shadow/Dick Tracy crossover with a few cameo appearances along the way. Also a prequel to "Lineage".
  • By Matt Dennion and Tom Kurtz
    • Lineage
      Over the course of four decades, Batman, The Shadow, and Zorro battle Ra's al Ghul's plans for world domination.
  • By Qutime
    • Justice Falls
      At the funeral for Lamont Cranston, Margo meets a stranger who has a message for her. An original character crossover.
    • Flame Passed
      The Shadow's appearance at a Halloween party intrigues Bruce Wayne/Batman. Has The Master of Darkness really come out of retirement? Bruce's investigation reveals something quite unexpected. A Shadow/Batman/original character crossover.
  • By Kira S.
    • The Random Factor
      The Shadow comes face to face with Jarod, The Pretender (from the TV series).
  • By Stephensmat
    • Wrath of Khan
      The descendants of The Shadow and Shiwan Khan face off against each other. A Shadow/Spider-Man crossover.
    • And So I Made the Choice
      The Shadow recounts to Spider-Man the decisions he made to stop a mob war, and its consequences. A Shadow/Spider-Man crossover.
    • Can't Get You Outta My Head
      The Shadow meets up with an old foe and an old girlfriend who is nothing but trouble. A Shadow/Spider-Man Crossover.
    • Why Wasn't I There?
      The Shadow is filled with guilt when he is unable to predict or prevent the events of September 11, 2001. A Shadow/Spider-Man Crossover.


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