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  1937 - 1958
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The Shadow TV Memorabilia

Note: here's how much I know so far, based on research done at ebay, and contributions from Shadow fans. If you have any additional information, please contact me.

  • The Case of the Cotton Kimona (1954) (Thanks to Christopher K. Philippo for the information!)
    • The title in the show itself is only given as "The Shadow." The episode title, only spoken, is "The Case of the Cotton Kimona." Kimona is the spelling used onscreen in a newspaper headline.
    • An unaired TV pilot starring Tom Helmore as The Shadow, Paula Raymond as Margot Lane, and Frank M. Thomas as Commissioner Weston.
    • Directed by Charles Haas, produced by Willson Tuttle
    • Meridian Pictures Inc.
    • VHS: "TV Pilots, Vol. 7"
      • Features "Bulldog Drummond: The Ludlow Affair" as well.
    • DVD: "The Shadow: Unaired TV Pilots"
      • Features "The Invisible Avenger" as well.


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