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  1937 - 1958
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The Shadow Radio Promotional Memorabilia

Note: here's how much I know so far, based on research done at ebay and contributions from Shadow fans.
If you have any additional information, please contact me.

***Webmistress's Note:
I have been notified by Dwight Fuhro, a Shadow memorabilia collector, that the so-called "Black Coal Ring" has never been in existence. The item in question looks just like the Blue Coal Ring, but with a black stone instead of blue, and was purported to be rare and pre-dating the Blue Coal Ring. As Dwight puts it:
Blue Coal was the only one who made that design, and would certainly not put out a black ring, because their entire multimillion dollar promotion was based on coal that was dyed Blue, so a black coal promotion would have been counterproductive to their entire promotion.
[person] that was making up this story on eBay when selling it, actually said it was from the 30's and sponsored by Carey Salt, but even that was a ludicrous statement, as Carey Salt did not sponsor the Shadow until 1945.
So if you come across a Black Coal Ring for sale, remember: buyer beware!
(Thanks to Dwight Fuhro for the information!)

If you're purchasing the collector rings (such as the Blue Coal Ring and the Carey Salt Ring) on EBay from the seller, "RedVenomRepros", keep in mind that this seller only has reproduction rings for sale. Their Shadow rings are good quality exact replicas that glow in the dark like the original, so it is easy to mistake these rings for the real ones if you don't pay attention and think that you're getting a bargain price for the real deal. (Also, the word "Repros" in the seller's name should give you a clue.) Note that the seller's website does state that the rings are reproductions.
(Thanks to John Maxwell for the information!)

  • Blue Coal:
    • Radio Schedule 1941
      (Thanks to Kenneth Ondracek for the picture!)
    • Radio Sponsors and Newspapers featuring the Comic Strip 1941
      (Thanks to Kenneth Ondracek for the picture!)
    • Blue Coal Ring 1941 (glow-in-the-dark)
      (Thanks to Gary Kaleta for the picture!)
    • Blue Coal Ink Blotter
      There were several versions of these blotter covers featuring an advertisement of the local Blue Coal dealer. (Thanks to Greg Holman for the heads-up!)
    • The Shadow Matchbook View 1 | View 2
      (Thanks to K Pearson and Gary Kaleta for the pictures!)
    • The Shadow Autographed Photo
      - Accompanying Envelope Full | Detail
      (Thank you to Don Haugen for the scans!)
    • Blue Coal Sticker
      (Thank you to Barry O'Brien for the picture!)
    • Blue Coal Hypno-Coin
      (Thank you to Pete Galati for the information!)
      • Gold-coloured coin with the words on one side: "The Shadow" (on top), "Compliments of your Blue Coal Dealer" (in the middle), and "Hypno-Coin" at the bottom
      • The other side of the coin reads: "Listen to the Thrilling Adventures of The Shadow"
    • Blue Coal Advertisements
      (Thank you to Doug Rice for the pictures!)
    • Blue Coal Advertising Banner
      (Thank you to Doug Baillie for the picture!)
      • Circa 1940s or early 50s
      • 8 feet by 4 feet in size. Made of canvas.
  • Carey Salt Ring
    (Thanks to Gary Kaleta for the picture!)
  • Tickets (and ticket envelope) to the radio broadcasts
  • Promotional Ad (circa 1970s) for The Shadow radio show on a New Jersey radio station. It's a picture of The Shadow's face overlooking a tied-up woman.
  • Promotional Ad (circa 1952) for The Shadow radio show in "Outstanding Science Fiction" magazine. It's a picture of an actor portraying The Shadow, hiding his face with the cloak. From Mutual Broadcasting System, and sponsored by Wildroot Company, Inc.
    Radio ad from Mutual Broadcasting and Wildroot
    (Thanks to Doug Rice for the picture!)
  • Promotional Ad for the 17 album record set of The Shadow Anthology produced by Murray Hill (Thank you to William Hunt for the scan and information!)


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