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The Shadow Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Note: here's how much I know so far based on research from "The Shadow Scrapbook" Ebay, and contributions from Shadow fans.
If you have any additional information, please contact me.

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  • The Shadow Bust (Thanks to Scott Wells for this picture!)
    Details: Close-up | Side 1 | Side 2 | Back | Bottom | Box Detail 1 | Box Detail 2 (Thanks to Chris Dunham for these pictures!)
    • Made by Randy Bowen and designed by Michael Kaluta (Thanks to The ShadowV for the information!)
    • View the advertisement for the bust (Thank you to William Hunt for the picture!)
    • View another advertisement for the bust (Thank you to Michael M. for the picture!)
  • By Michael Kaluta:
    • "Lamont Cranston & Margo Lane" poster (1976)
      • Depicts Lamont lighting Margo's cigarette. In the background is a poster of "The Shadow Ablaze"
      • 20 3/4" x 28"
      • Limited Edition of 2000 or 3000
    • "Master of Men" poster (1976)
      • Very dramatic portrait of The Shadow against a red background. Shadow's arms are folded; the right hand is wielding a gun.
      • 20 3/4" x 28"
      • Limited Edition of 2000 or 3000
    • "The Shadow Ablaze" - Michael Kaluta Signed Lithograph (1989) (Thanks to Don for the link!)
      • Depicts The Shadow firing his .45s in a blazing building
      • 23" x 17"
      • Comes with certificate of authenticity
      • Limited Edition of 250
    • "Marionettes" - Michael Kaluta Signed Lithograph (1991 ?) (Thanks to Don for the information!)
      • Depicts The Shadow controlling various gangsters via puppet strings
      • The same picture can be seen on the back cover of the Michael Kaluta Sketchbook
  • The Shadow - artwork by Pat Broderick (1982) (Thanks to Don for the information!)
    • Black and white image
    • Supposedly quite rare (but don't quote me on that)
  • The Shadow Portfolio by Bill Sienkiewicz (1987)
    • Has all 6 covers of the Helfer/Sienkiewizc series "Shadows and Light" from DC Comics' "The Shadow"
  • Lithographs of Shadow pulp covers by George Rozen (Year ???)
    • "The Veiled Prophet" (Mar 15, 1940) and "The Book of Death" (Jun 15, 1942)
    • 16" x 22"
    • Limited Edition
    • Printed on cotton fine art watercolor paper, with a shelf life of 100 years
  • The Shadow and The Voice of Murder (Year ???)
    • Reprinted as a mini poster
    • Cover of a Bantam reprint based on the pulp novel from Feb 15, 1940 (a.k.a. The Voice of Death)
    • 10" x 14"
    • From the UK
  • The Shadow Die-cast Figurine
    (Thanks to Nathan Yeoman for the picture and the updated information!)
    • 2 3/8" tall
    • Manufactured by Unicorn Miniatures. This figurine was part of a line of hand-painted figurines featuring different fictional characters. Production date currently unknown.
  • The Shadow by Electric Tiki
    Details: Front View | Side View 1 | Side View 2 | Back View
    (Thanks to Liz for the pictures!)
    • Sculpted by Ruben Procopio, and released in 2009 by Electric Tiki Designs.
    • Dipicts The Shadow with guns drawn and perched on the city skyline with his name prominently featured on the buildings. The statue also includes a replica of the famous girasol ring.

Everyday Items
  • The Shadow Pencil Lite
  • The Shadow Tec-to-Lite
  • The Shadow Matchbook Cover
    • Circa 1940s
    • Issued by Blue Coal to promote the radio show
    • Features The Shadow holding his .45 automatic, with a human skull at his feet
    • The words "Every Sunday Mutal Network" is printed at the top
    • On the back, there is a picture of a skeleton
  • The Shadow Stamp and Printing Set
    • Circa 1976. Produced by Madison
    • Contains six stamps: The Shadow, Lamont Cranston, Margo Lane, Shreevy's Taxi, and The Clown. Also includes individual letters and numbers stamps, the stamp pad, ink pad, and stamp pad notebook
    • Possibly released in relation with the 1974 colouring book as it includes The Clown, who was the villain from one of the stories in that book.
      (Thanks to Kenneth Ondracek for the picture and info!)
  • The Shadow T-Shirt (1991 or 1992)
    (Thanks to Don for the information!)
    • By Graffiti Designs
    • Limited Edition (it has since been discontinued)
    • White in colour with Shadow design by Michael Kaluta (similar to this plaque), tagline ("Who Knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Men? The Shadow Knows!"), and Graffiti Design Logo on the left sleeve
  • Shadow Pin
    (Thanks to Pete Galati for the picture and info!)
  • Cloisonne Pins (Thanks to Don for the information!)
    • Shadow design by Michael Kaluta (The Shadow's arms are crossed over his chest, holding .45s), and tagline ("Who Knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Men? The Shadow Knows!")
  • Pulp Postcards
    • A set of six 4.25" x 6" postcards featuring pulp novel covers
    • Includes "The Shadow and The Voice of Murder"
    • Name of novel and publish date of the pulp on the back of each card
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
    (Thanks to Corey Christopher for the heads-up!)
    • Features identical Shadow figurines each on a square base
    • Glossy black finish
    • Circa 1930s or 1940s?
  • Clock
    (Thanks to Tim McGrath for the information!)
    • 10 inch diameter quartz clock with a white plastic body and a clear plastic cover. Operates on one AA battery
    • The clock face features the artwork from "Dictator of Crime", the Oct 15, 1941 pulp novel
    • Manufactured by Ingraham Time Products (Est. 1831) of Laurinburg, North Carolina
  • Howard Dubois Shadow Envelope
    (Thanks to Pete Galati for the picture and info!)
    • Designed and published by Howard Dubois in 1974

The Shadow Club
  • Stationery
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Nickel Lapel Pin (issued by magazine in the 30s)
    Front | Back (Thanks to Robert Breeze Jones for the pictures!)
    Another View (Thanks to Nuno Miranda for the picture!)
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Pinback (issued by Shadow Comics in 1943)
  • Secret Society Club Kit (1970s)—Offered by Supergraphics
    (Thanks to Kenneth Ondracek for the pictures!)
  • Secret Society Club Kit (1994)
    (Thanks to Chris Dunham for these pictures, and Kenneth Ondracek for the membership display!)
  • The Shadow Club Statue (1994)
    Details: Front View 1 | Front View 2 | Back View 1 | Back View 2
    (Thank you to Liz for the pictures and the updated info!)
    • 6 1/2 inch high statue designed by Scott Fensterer and made by Red Mill Manufacturing
    • A limited edition of 120 were made, and were meant to be an enrollment premium for new members of of The Shadow Club. Apparently only a few were given out.
    • Made of crushed walnut shells in the style of the pressed wood syrocco statues of the 1940s
    • The remaining statues not given out were purchased by Majic Productions, and was featured as a dealer promotion at the 1997 Toy Expo convention
  • The Shadow Club Postcard (circa 1930s)
    • Logo printed on the left-hand corner
    • Used for secret messages


Magazine Articles
  • Agents of The Shadow #1-??? (An independent magazine featuring articles about The Shadow)
  • Alter Ego # 62, October 2006 (Thanks to OthymianO for the information!)
    • 75th Anniversary retrospective on the Shadow
    • "The Shadow: Masked and Unmasked" by Anthony Tollin on pages 60-64
  • American Politics, June 1988 (Thanks to Doug Rice for the cover scan!)
    • Cover artwork by Mike Kaluta, featuring the tag line: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men"
  • Antique Radio Classified # 4, Volume 11, April 1994
    (Thanks to Pete Galati for the picture and info!)
    • The magazine cover is a tribute to The Shadow, released just before the movie
  • Astonishing Aventures Magazine # 1, August 2007 (Thanks to Tim Gallagher for the information!)
    Download it here - the link is on the left of the page ("Click here to start download..")
    • "How The Shadow Movie went Wrong or How Alec Baldwin Stole my Comic Books!" by Tim Gallagher on pages 36-43
    • "Michael Wm. Kaluta: The Interview" by John Donald Carlucci on pages 92-97
  • Comic Book Marketplace
    • #12, Apr 1992 - Features the origin of The Shadow, and an interview with Denny O'Neil
    • #28, Oct 1995 - Features Steranko's rendition of The Shadow
      Read the article
    • #56, Feb 1998 - Features Kaluta's rendition of The Shadow
  • Comic Shop News
  • Duende Vol 1, #2 Winter 1978-1977 (Thanks to William Hunt for the information!)
    • Features an interview with Walter B. Gibson by Will Murray conducted July 5, 1975 , at the 1975 Comic Art Convention in New York City
    • Published by Odyssey Publications, Boston
  • Famous Monsters of Filmland #206, Jan/Feb 1995 (features The Shadow on radio)
  • Heroes llustrated #5, November 1993 (Article previews Malibu Comics's The Night Man and says the title character has "The Shadow's ability to hear evil thoughts" -- this hints at a possibility that Night Man's creator is familiar with The Shadow's telepathical powers on the radio show.) (Thanks to John McDonagh or the information!)
  • Illustration #26 | Front Cover Detail | Back Cover Detail
    Summer 2009 (features The Shadow on the cover and an article on Graves Gladney, the artist who depicted The Shadow in pulp novels of the 1940s) (Thanks to John McDonagh or the information!)
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Jun 1971 (features "The Man Who Collected 'The Shadow' " by Bill Pronzini) (Thanks to William Hunt for the information!)
  • Mediascene, Jul/Aug 1975 (?) (features cover art by Jim Steranko and an article about the great pulp heroes such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Spider) (Thanks to Doug Rice for the information!)
  • Model and Toy Collector #28, 1994 (cover art by J. Groman)
  • Nostalgia Magazine Vol 1, #2 Feb 2004 (features an article about the radio history of The Shadow. The article was taken from this site with permission). Visit the official web site.
  • Pulp Adventures (Pulp Adventures Publications)
    • #3 - "A Million Words a Year for Ten Straight Years" by Walter B. Gibson (a reprint of his 1941 article from "Writer's Digest")
    • #5, Fall 1994
      • "The Pulp Room" (the 1994 movie is profiled in this editorial)
      • "Casting The Shadow" by Joel Goss (about his work on the Dark Horse comics)
      • "Celluloid Shadows" by Steve Mitchell (talks about the 1946 film "Behind the Mask")
  • The Pulpster #4, 1994 (features an essay on The Shadow by Don Hutchison). This fanzine is published once a year for the annual PulpCon.
    (Thanks to Tony Davis for permission to post the cover!)
  • Secret Sanctum Vol 2, #5, 1998 (features a tribute to Walter B. Gibson, and a list of comic book appearances by The Shadow)
  • The Shadowed Circle #1 - present (An independent magazine featuring articles about The Shadow)
  • ThrillerUK #12, Oct 2002 (features an article about Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow). Visit the official web site.
  • Windy City Pulp Stories #6, 2006 Front | Back
    (features the 75th anniversary of The Shadow Magazine).


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