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The Shadow

(Note: Cast and crew information courtesy of The Internet Movie Database. Used with permission)

US Release Date: Jul 1, 1994

Alec Baldwin......Lamont Cranston/The Shadow
John Lone......Shiwan Khan
Penelope Ann Miller......Margo Lane
Peter Boyle......Moe Shrevnitz
Ian McKellen......Dr Reinhardt Lane
Tim Curry......Farley Claymore
Jonathan Winters......Wainwright Barth
Sab Shimono......Dr Roy Tam
Andre Gregory......Burbank
Brady Tsurutani......Tulku
James Hong......Li Peng
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad......Wu
Joseph Maher......Isaac Newboldt
John Kapelos......Duke Rollins
Max Wright......Berger
Ethan Phillips......Nelson, Museum Guard
Sinoa...... Cobalt Club Singer
Frank Welker......Voice of Phurba

Director……Russell Mulcahy
Writer……David Koepp
Producers……Martin and Michael Scott Bregman
Cinematographer……Stephen H. Burum
Editor……Peter Honess
Casting......Mary Colquhoun
Production Design……Joseph C. Nemec III
Second Unit Director(s)……Louis D'Esposito, Tom Milo
Sound……John Benson
Soundtrack......Jerry Goldsmith
Costume Designer……Bob Ringwood
Production Company……Bregman/Baer Productions, Universal Pictures
Distributor……Universal Pictures

Watch it Here:

The Shadow (1994) on YouTube:
(Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the links!)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Soundtrack and Music Videos:

Original Soundtrack composed by Jerry Goldsmith (copyrighted by Universal Pictures)
(Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the updated links!)

Note: The Track numbers below are in referenced from the CD and cassette. Track 1: The Shadow Knows (Performed by Alec Baldwin)
Track 2: Original Sin (Performed by Taylor Dane)
Track 3: The Poppy Fields
Track 4: Some Kind of Mystery (Performed by Sinoa)
Track 5: The Sanctum
Track 6: Who are You?
Track 7: Chest Pains
Track 8: The Knife
Track 9: The Hotel
Track 10: The Tank
Track 11: Frontal Lobotomy
Track 12: Original Sin Film Mix (Performed by Taylor Dane)
Track 13: The Shadow Radio Show 1937: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? (Performed by Orson Welles)


Bonus Tracks:
(Note: Some of these tracks were taken directly from the movie and the dialogue edited out. They are listed in chronological order from the movie. All tracks composed by Jerry Goldsmith and are copyrighted by Universal Pictures)
(Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the updated links!)

The Clouded Mind sees Nothing
The Bridge
Cobalt Club
There is no Shadow
Goodnight Mr. Cranston
Someone's Coming
Indescribable Connection
You need Fuel
Rise of the Mongol Warriors
The Sun is Shining but the Ice is Slippery
Reinhardt Lane
Losing Khan's Guard
Confronting Khan
I'm not Afraid of You
Trip down the Empire State Building
Work of a Madman
The Nightmare
Driving Claymore Mad
Prisoner of the Phurba
The Shadow

Note: The following tracks appear in the movie or trailer but not on the Original Sountrack
(Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the links!)
Remember (Performed by Kenny G)
The Shadow Trailer

All Tracks above can be found on this YouTube Playlist


Music Video:
The music video for "Original Sin" featured Taylor Dane performing the song in a nightclub similar to the Cobalt Club, plus clips from the movie.
- Music Video
  • YouTube - Official BMG version (Thanks to Antony for the link!)
  • Daily Motion (Thanks to Clement for the link!)
- Music Video Screenshots: (Thanks to Bobby T. for the pictures!) - You can download the video for "Original Sin" in M4V format on iTunes for $1.99. To find it, do a search for "Taylor Dane" or "Original Sin" (then click on "Music Video" on the results page). It can be played on an iPod or while it's loaded into your iTunes directory. (Thanks to Michael M for the info!)


  • This movie combined elements from both the pulp and radio mediums, plus elements from the comic books (see below)

  • The Berylium Sphere in the movie was taken from the pulp novel The Golden Master.

  • The scene where Margo was hypnotized to shoot Lamont has its basis in the pulp novel Shiwan Khan Returns.

  • In the pulps, Margo was a brunette. In this film she's blonde.

  • The scene where Lamont Cranston has a vision of the young Tulku has its basis in The Shadow Comics #7, Volume 2 (October 1942); the title of the story is "A Plea" in which we see how The Shadow gains his mind-clouding powers. "The child form, actually, is a projection from a number of Tibetan Holy Men and The Shadow is trying to prevent a major crime against the world. They find him to be pure of heart and grant him the power."
    (Thanks to David Bib for the information!)
    "If there had been one blot, one evil thing reposing in the back of The Shadow's mind, it would have stood revealed."

    "Because your life is clear, and devoted to the good of mankind, we endow you with the power to cloud men's minds. Men will think you are invisible. It is a potent weapon, and one that you must use with care. It should, combined with your own powers, enable you to win victory over the menace you fear. Go in peace!"
  • Both Alec Baldwin and Tim Curry starred in The Hunt for Red October, though they never had a scene together.

  • Did you know that "Original Sin" (the theme song from this movie) was written back in 1989 for a group called "Pandora's Box"? Find out more.

  • During the fight scene in Dr. Lane's laboratory, The Shadow makes a "chemical connection". Find out more.

  • In the scene where Lamont is leaving Shrevvy's cab to go to the Sanctum, if you look at the billboard near the top right above the street (it's circled in yellow in this picture), you'll see a familiar actor's name. Coincidence?
    (Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the information!)

  • Near the end of the movie, after Lamont kisses Margo, watch for a van parked across the street behind them (on the left of Margo.). On the van is the word "Mulcahy", a nod to the film's director, Russell Mulcahy.
    (Thanks to Bobby Ayers II for the information!)

  • What could have been...
    One sad note is that the film's climax (the gun duel in the chamber of mirrors) was one-tenth of what the producers had planned. Why? Two days before shooting was to take place for the climax, that big LA earthquake happened... and broke most of the mirrors! The production team had NO money left in the budget to fix this and no time left in the schedule to re-shoot a different ending battle, so they used what they had and wrapped [filming]. One wonders how much more exciting the struggle between the two rivals would have been if the earthquake had come a week or so later.
    (Thanks to Doug Rice for the information!)
  • The mirror scene where The Shadow and Shiwan Khan do battle pays homage to Orson Welles's movie, "Lady from Shanghai" — which featured "the original room-with-mirrors-showdown/climax". And Mr. Welles, as we all know, portrayed The Shadow on the radio show.
    (Thanks to Doug Rice for the information!)

  • TV Stuff
    • TV Spot (Thanks to Michael M. for the clip!)
    • Siskel and Ebert's review (Thanks to xvxTheShadowxvx for the link!)
    • "Back in 1994, Entertainment Tonight (an entertainment news program on t.v.) did a feature on The Shadow movie and on Dane's song. They even had a couple of behind-the-scenes clips of her filming the video, intercut with a brief interview segment. Then, during the credits for the show, they played a small portion of the video." (Thanks to Michael M. for this information!)

  • Articles and Interviews
    • Astonishing Aventures Magazine # 1, August 2007 (Thanks to Tim Gallagher for the information!)
      Download it here - the link is on the left of the page ("Click here to start download..")
      • "How The Shadow Movie went Wrong or How Alec Baldwin Stole my Comic Books!" by Tim Gallagher on pages 36-43
    • Jo-Blo re-evalutes The Shadow (Thanks to Tim Johnson for the link!)
      Another look at the 1994 movie (Note: a few thinly-disguised f-bombs in the title and the article)
    • Vanity Fair 1994 - Page 1 | 2
      Brief interview with Penelope Ann Miller(Thanks to Justynn for the scans!)

  • Deleted scenes

  • Mistakes

  • Movie Reviews
    - TV Guide (Jan 21, 1995) (Thanks to Michael M. for this information!)

Behind the Scenes:

  • The Shadow's .45s: An Interview with Steve Karnes, Motion Picture Armorer
    • Steve Karnes talks about the custom-made .45s, his work on the bridge scene, and meeting Alec Baldwin.
  • American Cinematographer (Thank you to Michael M. for the pictures!)
  • Black Belt June 1997 (Thank you to Kelcey for the scan!)
    • Featuring an article on actor and martial arts black belt Gerald Okamura on Page 36 who worked on the opening scene in the movie
  • Sci-Fi Entertainment Vol. 1, #2, Aug 1994
    • Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Note: These pictures are huge - over 100KB, so be patient while each one loads.)
  • Starburst #195, Nov 1994
    • Page: 1 2 3 4 (Note: These pictures are huge - over 100KB, so be patient while each one loads.)
  • Starlog #205, Aug 1994 (Thanks to William Hunt for the cover!)
    • Page: 1 2 3 4 5 (Note: These pictures are huge - over 400KB, so be patient while each one loads.)

More behind the scenes on the Movie Links Page

DVD Screenshots:
(Each gallery link opens a separate page)
DVD Menu
Main Titles: The Butcher of Lhasa - Page 1 | Page 2
The Weed of Crime - Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
The Cobalt Club
The Coming of the Conqueror
The Bronzium Connection
The Call of Shiwan Khan
An Assault on the War Department
To Kill a Shadow
That Knife...
The Evil Within
The Shadow Submerged
The Shadow Strikes
Prisoner of the Phurba?
The Orb of Oblivion
Mirrors of the Mind

Movie Stills: (Thank you to William Hunt and Barbara for the pictures and information!)

  • The Shadow surrounded by mist - small | large
  • The Shadow with his .45 automatics - small | large
  • The Shadow on a deserted bridge - small | large
  • Margo Lane at the Cobalt Club - small | large
  • Margo Lane seated at the Cobalt Club - small | large
  • Margo Lane at the Cobalt Club holding a cigarette - small | large
  • Commissioner Barth and Lamont Cranston at the Cobalt Club - small | large
  • Lamont Cranston clouding minds at the Cobalt Club - small | large
  • Hypnotic Glare - small | large
  • Lamont Cranston seated in the Sanctum - small | large | coloured
  • Lamont Cranston, Shiwan Khan, and the Phurba - small | large

*Note: for more information about these screenshots or other movie stills, contact either:

- Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, e-mail:
- Barbara


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