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The Shadow: Mistakes

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No Lip Movement, No Blood Either
When The Shadow dangles a terrified Duke Rollins from the bridge, we see him (in close up) screaming "Oh my God!". In the next shot (taken from further away), notice that Duke is still screaming, but his lips are not moving! Also notice that he is bleeding from the mouth in that scene. When the camera cuts back to a close-up of Duke, his mouth is clean.


The Magic Blackboard Duster
Dr. Roy Tam explains to Lamont the possibility of building an atomic bomb from bronzium. He goes to his large blackboard to sketch what the bomb might look like. Notice that the blackboard is filled with Dr. Tam's notes. He takes the blackboard duster and gives the blackboard two or three (?) wipes, then draws the bomb. In the next scene, we see the finished drawing on the blackboard. But notice that the blackboard is much cleaner? If you can clean a very large and messy blackboard in a few strokes, then that is one incredible blackboard duster!


Which Finger? — Thank you to Ed Kent for the information!
When the policeman leaves the museum crime scene, and goes to B. Jonas to deliver his report, the girasol ring on his finger seems to switch from one hand to another.


The Disappearing Cloak — Thank you to Don for the information!
Remember the scene on the bridge where The Shadow makes his appearance? At first, you see The Shadow's shadow, complete with his trademark slouch hat and cloak. In the next shot, when the camera closes in on The Shadow, the cloak is gone! After the thugs run away in fear, the camera cuts to a shot of The Shadow walking towards Dr. Tam. The cloak has magically reappeared. (According to Don: " You can see the cut with the cape in both commercials for the movie and the music video... the cape in those cuts is billowing in the wind and is probably (computer graphics), hence the absence of the cape when we first see him.")
View the music video screenshot (Thank you to Bobby T. for the picture!)


The "shadow" that wasn't there — Thank you to Geoff for the information!
In the movie, it states that even though The Shadow can cloud men's minds so that they can't see him, he leaves behind the one thing he can't hide: his own shadow. Well, we now have proof to the contrary. In the scene where Lamont is being followed by a Mongol warrior, he ducks into an alley and uses a bit of mind clouding to avoid being seen. Look carefully at Lamont's shadow. It really does disappear!
First he hides...
then he disappears...
then he reappears!


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