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Shadow Comics by DC (1970s)

The Shadow (Dennis O'Neil)
# Date Year Title Writer Artist
1 Oct-Nov 1973 The Doom Puzzle Dennis O'Neil Michael Kaluta
2 Dec-Jan 1973-4 Freak Show Murders Dennis O'Neil Michael Kaluta
3 Feb-Mar 1974 Kingdom of the Cobra Dennis O'Neil Michael Kaluta
4 Apr-May 1974 Death is Bliss Dennis O'Neil Michael Kaluta
5 Jun-Jul 1974 Night of Neptune's Death Dennis O'Neil Frank Robbins
6 Aug-Sep 1974 Night of the Ninja Dennis O'Neil Michael Kaluta
7 Oct-Nov 1974 The Night of the Beast Dennis O'Neil Frank Robbins
8 Dec-Jan 1974-5 Night of the Mummy Dennis O'Neil Frank Robbins
9 Feb-Mar 1975 Night of the Falling Death Michael Uslan Frank Robbins
10 Apr-May 1975 Night of the Killers Dennis O'Neil E. R. Cruz
11 Jun-Jul 1975 The Night of the Avenger Michael Uslan E. R. Cruz
12 Aug Sep 1975 The Night of the Damned Dennis O'Neil E. R. Cruz


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