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The Shadow Sequel Poll

If there was an original theme song for the sequel, who would you pick to sing it?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

I would select PJ Harvey to do the theme song. Something along the lines of the haunting Nickel Under the Foot end credit track she did last year for the Tim Robbins written/directed film The Cradle Will Rock. -Darkly liltingly periodesque and strangely, ingratiatingly hummable.

—Olsen Ross
I'd go with either Annie Lennox or Vanessa Williams for a sultry yet strong beat song (like we had with "Original Sin"), or going in the opposite direction -- for a period feel, I'd pick someone like Harry Connick Jr, who imitates that style of music so very well.


I agree. I think that Harry Connick Jr would be a good choice to sing the theme for the sequel. Give the song a 1930s swing to it, and make it connect with the plot that the Shadow has to tangle with. Just keep the theme song away from heavy rock or metal groups like Metallica or Limp Bizkit. I mean, have you heard the theme to Mission: Impossible 2?

I don't really think that a sequel needs a modern day rock and roll type song to sell the film/soundtrack. What relationship did the Gun's and Roses song have to Terminator 2: Judgement Day? What did all those rock songs on the Lost in Space soundtrack have to do with the film? Basically, market considerations. To tell the kids that these artists had a song in this movie and that they should go out and buy the sountrack right now. Original Sin was a good song and did have a nice connection to the film via the altered lyrics. But never was a hint of that theme used in Goldsmith's orchestral score.

My idea, totally uncommerical, would be to have someone like Harry Connick or Tony Bennett or some good torch song singers take some tunes from the thirties or forties and belt them out like they did back then. Maybe update the orchestration, but keep the period recognizable. Maybe even Madonna. Maybe her acting in Dick Tracy wasn't the best, but the songs she sang worked in the context of the film.

I don't think having N'Sync or The Backstreet Boys sing "The Shadow Knows" is going to get too many people into the theater. They might buy the album, but they woulnd't sit through a 100 minute pulp adventure to hear their band sing a song. "The Way You Look Tonight" sung by Madonna or "Anything Goes" by Harry Connick. Something different, not necessarily what you'd expect. But The Shadow never went for the obvious.

William Hunt


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