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The Shadow Sequel Poll

Who would you pick to play The Shadow?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

I would pick Timothy Dalton to play the Shadow. I saw the one of the two bond movies he played in, he had the right build and face that I, as a hard core fan, could see playing the Shadow. The problem is he cannot wear a tuxedo in the moive because of the whole Bond thing.

Unfortunately, I think Alec Baldwin has gotten a little old for the part. So I think you have to pick some from the next generation, a new kid as it is. Someone who can look good as Lamont Cranston/Kent Allard, but the athleticism to do all the things The Shadow does when fighting crime. One name that pops to the top of the mind is Ben Affleck.

Brandan Frasier, though many people might think he'd be a better choice for Doc Savage than Arnold. See The Mummy and The Mummy Returns for arguments from Brendan being Doc (Sorry, off-topic) George Clooney played Bruce Wayne all right in the last Batman. He wouldn't be a bad Lamont Cranston. We all know the stuntmen should take over when he turns into The Shadow. Some thoughts. Take them or leave them as you will.

—William Hunt
I had a few ideas regarding casting a new Shadow film. While I felt Alec Baldwin was absolutely perfect in every way, it would seem that he is most likely too old for the part now. (younger and younger being the chant in Hollywood these days) I thought that perhaps Kyle McLaughlin (Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks) might make a fine Shadow. He's young enough to grow with the role. And physically, he's tall, dark and handsome -- intelligent and articulate -- and a fine actor with an "edge". I've also thought Nicolas Cage might work well and though he's older than Kyle or some other candidates. He does have the uncanny ability to b a cameleon (remember Face/Off) -- also, he's physically up to the challenge.

However, I have given more thought to the matter and would like to offer Robeson Greene as possible Shadow -- he is currently best know as the star of Mystery's "Touching Evil". He has the dark looks, intelligence and sharp edge needed to play the dual roles, and he is an excellent actor. I've seen him on stage once in London and he truly has presence. That's the key to a successful Shadow/Lamont: presence. Without it, he just becomes a cardboard cutout. Presence makes him more pulse as well as pulp.


I think George Clooney would be awesome as the shadow...

—Francis Walker

Get Alec Baldwin back. I think he pulled off about the damn best representation of Lamont Cranston to date....

—Wm. Walter Ingle, Jr.
If it were a direct sequel to the 1994 film, I'd still use Alec Baldwin as Lamont Canston / The Shadow, because I believe he did a wonderful job.

If I were doing a sequel just "loosely" based on the 1994 film, I'd cast Russell Crowe as Lamont Cranston / The Shadow, and here's why. I would love to see a film that not only had the villain angle, but also focused largely on The Shadow's inner struggles. His good/evil conflict, his playboy/adventurer conflict, his quest for redemption, etc... Russell Crowe possesses the type of intensity that would bring a tortured soul seeking redemption to life.

Definitely bring Alec Baldwin back.

I thought that Alec Baldwin played The Shadow excellent. He was The Shadow. Of all the people, and I think I have seen all the films and heard all the (actors who portrayed The Shadow) on the radio, I have to say that Baldwin was the best!

While I liked Alec Baldwin and thought he was certainly good, he is undeniably older now, and I don't think he would look right for the part anymore unless he trimmed down. But after a lot of consideration, I came up with whom I think would be perfect: Michael T. Weiss, from the TV series "The Pretender". Not only did he display a verstile range of talent on the show as well as conveying an excellent good side/dark side persona, he has the right combination of handsomeness and mystery that the Lamont Cranston character needs, and being in the shape he's in, he would make for an imposing Shadow.

—Michael M.


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