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The Shadow Sequel Poll

Who would you hire to write the screenplay?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Maxwell Grant. If this man is still living, he would be the prefect one to write a sequel. Why? Because he is the creator of The Shadow, only his mind knows what Shadow could or may do...

I have four persons who I think would be capable of doing a Shadow screenplay.
The first would be David Koepp, who, of course, wrote the 1994 Shadow. But he also wrote Snake Eyes and the upcoming Spider-Man so he's just not a one note writer. The Shadow could be considered the origin story. With the character introduced, Koepp could concentrate on the characteristics that make for a good pulp story/film(as could all of the writers on this list).

The second writer would be Gregory Widen, the man who wrote the first Highlander movie. He also wrote Prophecy and Backdraft. Prophecy and Highlander both had the pulpish qualities that a Shadow film needs.

The third writer would be Tom Mankiewicz. The man who helped Richard Donner make the first Superman movie the classic it is. He also wrote or co-wrote the scripts for Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die, and The Man With the Golden Gun. Maybe those Bond films weren't stunning bits of work, but they kept the franchise going. (And if truth were told, a lot of the low quality of those scripts came from meddling about while the films were in production, or after Mankewicz had left and was being rewritten).

The fourth writer, who would also make a great director for the film, would be Stephen Sommers, the gentleman who gave us The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, in addition to Deep Rising and others. Those three films are perfect examples of the sensibility needed to make The Shadow more popular on the silver screen. Four good men. If the chance for a sequel comes, let's hope it might be one of them.

—William Hunt
Who would I get to write it?
Me. :P
That's what I'd do, at least...

—Wm. Walter Ingle, Jr.


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