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The Shadow Sequel Poll

Who would direct the sequel to The Shadow?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

The only director I can think that would do well to make a sequel for The Shadow would be Tim Burton. Why? Well, the other night I was watching "Sleepy Hollow" and that was a pretty dark and shadowy movie. I think he would do quite well if there was ever a sequel for The Shadow. Hey, rumor has it that Hollywood is thinking about making a Doc Savage movie. As you know, Doc Savage is yet another Pulp Fiction character. Just FYI

I would lean more for an action type person like Martin Campbell. But I really think Russell Mulcahy might do the job wonderfully. The Shadow's presentation relies greatly on presentation -- artistic as well as literally -- and I feel Russell might be able to convey the balance of story and artistry well. A visual feast as well as a story feast, a great combination. I also think that Alex Proyas, who directed "The Crow" and "Dark City", would be a superlative choice to direct a new Shadow film. He's a visionary with a great sense of storytelling.


I agree with Qutime that Tim Burton would be a good director for the MOODS that Burton can put on film. But I think that The Shadow needs good action sequences, and as Burton has shown in the two Batman films, that is something he isn't very good at. There are two directors currently working who could do justice to a Shadow film. John McTiernan is the first. Having done "Die Hard" and "Die Hard 3", "The Hunt for Red October", "Medicine Man" and others, I think it's safe to say that he knows how to do action and show characterization by what the characters do when in action.

The other director would be Martin Campbell. He virtually resurrected the Bond franchise with "GoldenEye". He helped make "The Mask of Zorro" the success it was. Characterization through action is what he does well. This is what The Shadow would need. Good solid action sequences, mood, a lighting fast story. Both McTiernan and Campbell have done that and both would be an asset for a new Shadow film.

I have two more candidates that would make good Shadow Directors. The first is Simon Wincer, who has most recently directed "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles". The movie that he directed that places him on the Shadow list was "The Phantom", which was a good little movie that got overlooked. Yes, Lee Falk's conception of The Ghost Who Walks is a rather pulpish character, and the way that New York City was depicted in that film was close to the way I see The Shadow's New York City. Wincer kept the film moving along, giving the audience the needed information in little expository dollops, not needing to stop the film for an expository sequence.

The second director would be Joe Johnston, who will be directing "Jurassic Park 3". But the film that puts him on The Shadow list is "The Rocketeer". Maybe the film didn't have Bette Page as it's heroine, but it was a faithful representation of Dave Stevens' first Rocketeer graphic novel. Like "The Phantom", it was a movie that went under most people's radar because it wasn't enough like an Indiana Jones film. If people characterize a film as comic book/pulp adventure, they think the genre is limited to the adventures of Henry Jones Jr. Not necessarily.

—William Hunt
As for a director (for a direct sequel), as much as I hate to say it, I'd put Spielberg on the job and hope he made it into one long adventure ride like "Raiders of The Lost Ark."
To direct this type of sequel (loosely based on the 1994 movie) I'd probably want a guy like M. Night Shyamalan, who isn't afraid to slowly and methodically put a movie together and really ensnare the audience, making them ask questions.

James Cameron would be good. Steven Spielberg also would be good. (Sam Raimi) who did "Spider-Man" would be better because he's hungry and would work harder to make a good movie, not just make a buck by throwing it together.

Well, my first choice would be Russell Mulcahy again. When it comes to sequels, I'm a big believer in getting as many of the principle people involved with the first film involved with the sequel as possible, as it only makes sense. If Mulcahy proved unavailable, Joe Johnston would be a fine choice, seeing as how he made the last great (until "Spider-Man") comic book movie, "The Rocketeer". Sam Raimi would be a good choice as well, especially considering his script for "Darkman" was actually first written as a Shadow movie because he's a big fan. I would be happy with either of these three directing a sequel.

—Michael M.


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