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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Which actor (radio or movie) did you like best as The Shadow? Why?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

If I had to choose I'd say Bill Johnstone. Bill Johnstone to me, seemed the epitomy of the Shadow. Why you ask, I'll tell you. While the others did do masterful jobs at it, Orson Welles' accent just didn't seem to work for me, just a little to namby- pamby. Bret was awesome so it was a tough choice for me. Bill just seemed to be that friendly man about town but also had that "streak" in him when he was the Shadow.

Francis Walker
Hands down or hats off, the best Shadow was and is Alec Baldwin! He has the style, intelligence, looks, physical stature and excellent acting talents to pull it off. He also looks great in a tuxedo.(sorry, that sort of slipped out) We could accept the fact that there is a darker side to him as well as a bon vivant side, the dual personality in presentation as well as characterisation. Finding someone to equal or supass his performance - and more importantly, the realisation of the character - will be difficult at best. He truly gave breath and life to the Shadow and Lamont.


I would really have to say Alec Baldwin, although I might be a bit biased since I saw the 1994 movie first. The movie was the thing that got me hooked on the Shadow. I've heard about ten of the radio shows since then with different actors as Cranston, (including Orson Welles, Bret Morrison, and Bill Johnstone) but Alec Baldwin in my opinion has the best voice for it (and the looks to match).   :)

I have seen just about all the Shadow films, including 1994 movie and the serials, and I have to say Alec Baldwin was the best. He did a great job as The Shadow. I wish there was another movie, only that he would have to lose weight. The last time I saw him he was too heavy for the role! I blame the writers and directors for the failure of the movie. Its villain was dumb. The scene where he was in New York was GOOD the rest, well, could be better.



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