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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Who is your favorite Shadow agent? Why?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

My fav is "Shrevy" the cabbie. Just finished " Chinese Disks". This is the 1st story that he appeared in. Who would play him? I'm not very knowing about movies or actors, but Peter Boyle played him in the 1st movie so I would pick him.

—Al Scheinerman
I have three favorite Shadow agents. The first is Harry Vincent, because he was the first that the readers met in The Living Shadow and we were able to see how he became an agent of The Shadow, something that we could hope would happen to all of us, if the time and place were right.

The second favorite is Burbank. Even though we don't have that many glimpses of him, and don't know much about him, he really is the lynchpin of The Shadow's organization. Taking all the reports from agents, collating them and passing them on to The Master, he is the engine that, in a sense, drives the whole engine. If The Shadow had to do all the "information technology" work that Burbank does, he would never be on the front lines fighting crime.

My third favorite is Myra Reldon. She just seems to have her act together and is a very competent agent. Not that I don't like Margo Lane, but Myra seems to have an edge on Margo. Maybe a few more street smarts.

—William Hunt
My favorite agents are Harry Vincent, Burbank, Cliff Marsland, Clyde Burke, and all of them. They help our famous hero achieve his goal of justice.

—Al Blas


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