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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Have you ever dressed up as The Shadow, any of his guises, agents, or villains (for Halloween, costume contest, etc.)? What was the experience like and what was the reaction from other people?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

When I was 12 or 13, I dressed up as The Shadow for Halloween. I hadn't dressed up in years (I considered myself "too old" at the time). But as this was the first year I was into The Shadow, my mania was in full swing (it still is, I'm just older now) and I jumped at the chance to be the Master of Darkness.

However, this was 1987, before the movie came out. Consequently, most of the population had forgotten the character. I was at a community Halloween bash, and nobody noticed or cared who I was supposed to be. I was disappointed.

As I was leaving, though, I passed an elderly couple who were just arriving. When they saw me, their eyes lit up. As they passed me, I heard the wife saying "That's The Shadow!" and her husband replying "I know, I know!"

They sounded for all the world like excited little kids at seeing a "forgotten" hero from their youth, and this single moment made dressing up worthwhile.


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After searching high and low for the perfect hat, I got the rest together and with my adoring son in tow, and went out this Halloween. I got one "Howdy, Tex!" and a couple of "Nice Hat"s. LOL Oh well, at least my son thinks its cool.

Webmistress's Note: Wondering about the hat? Corey has a suggestion. "The hat was from a online website, If you look under the table of contents and go to page 4, its toward the bottom, style 44. It's a rather old picture, and I had them give it a 4 inch brim and a pinched crown instead of the valley, but I am very happy with how close it matches the 1994 movie hat".

—Corey Guielaar


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