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The Shadow Monthly Poll

If there was a television series based on The Shadow, which would work best: live action, animation, or computer animation?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

If, there was going to be a Shadow series. It would not be done in none of the catorgies. Unless you count Anime, Japanese animation, among the animation category. Here are the reasons why.
1) Anime can get away with a lot more things then just plain old animation
2) Better quality
3) More violence
4) More action
5) Better plot, but like there weren't ones already
6) Better animation in gerenal
7) Better flow to the animation
8) Superb fight scenes
9) Able to do more things than live action
10) And the most important reason is...
I've always want to see the Japanese take on The Shadow.


Sounds like "computer animation" is the way to go.

—Al Scheinerman
I think, if a Shadow TV series was going to be planned, they should take a serious look at animation. Now, bear with me, I'll share my reasons.

Right now, there is only a select group of us who absolutely loves the character. Kids don't know him, most grownups don't know him. I only know him because the movie came out when I was younger.

Computer animation is expensive. Plus, they would never spend enough money on the show to make it look as crisp as it needs to be to fly as a series. Yes, you can make cars or animals look semi real, but humans are hard and costly.

A live series is completely out of the question. Why? Have you seen any action shows lately? The only one out there that has any semi-decent special effects is Buffy. Most use very cheezy effects that just don't look real and I want to see them look as real as they did in the film.

My final reason is this: Batman the animated series, was, by far, the best animated comic book series ever. Characters were handled well, in a manner that allowed adults to be kids for a half hour and kids to go crazy enough to cause the show to stay on the air. The Shadow could have mass apeal, but it needs good writing. Even Batman fell apart once the writing wasn't there anymore. That's my opinion.

—The Shadow V
I would love to see a live-action series, provided it was made by people who believed in the material and wanted to remain faithful to it, and could do a good job balancing the combination of action and character. If not, then animation would be the way to go, especially if done in the same vein as the excellent Batman: The Animated Series.

—Michael M.


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