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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Have you ever dressed up as The Shadow (for Halloween, costume contest, etc.)? What was the experience like and what was the reaction?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Margo Lane's white Cobalt Club evening gown (Click on image for a larger viewClick on image for a larger view

It was used by my wife in our wedding. (Recognize) the recreation? It is a close copy of the first dress worn by Penelope Ann Miller in the movie.

Webmistress's Note: Even though this poll question specified The Shadow costume, I was so impressed by this recreation of Margo Lane's white Cobalt Club gown that I've decided to make an exception.


Francis Walker as The ShadowNow you see him.... Nice mind clouding, Francis!Now you don't.... (Click on either image for a larger view)

I found and even better cape than the original one I had. It's also red lined but not nearly as heavy. It's also much larger than my original one. Thank God for Value Village! I decided to go with the mask and a black scarf, to hide most of my face as well. Oh and by the way, when I tell people who I am going as, no one knows who the hell I am talking about! If I mention The Shadows famous slogan, I hear, "oh yeah, that sounds familiar" or I just get a blank stare. Maybe I will just tell people I am Frank Readick playing the shadow...hehehe.

As you can see I just went with the scarf and no mask. I really felt I captured the essence of the Shadow with my costume. Unfortunately no one else thought the same. Almost everyone thought I was the Phantom of the Opera, I guess. Only 2 people had any idea who I was. Out of all the people I surveyed (yes, I surveyed) 2 guessed right. One said he remembered listening to the Shadow as a boy, now in his 50's and a lady said just as I was leaving " He's the Shadow". I gave her a big thank you. I was surprised because most of the people at the dance were older.

So all in all I got approximately :
10 Phantoms
2 Shadow's
1 Zorro
A Few Shrugs

—Francis Walker (The Shadow Zone)


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