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The Shadow Monthly Poll

How were you introduced to The Shadow, and what drew you to him?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

I was introduced to him during the summer of 1997. I was working at Kings and decided it would be a night for movies. I saw the title of "The Shadow", read the back and figured why not. Took it home and was hooked. His hidden past, that's what got me the most. That and the nature of the character. I like the mystery that surrounded the character.

Well, I was introduced to The Shadow when I was in primary school, and I picked up the junior novelisation of The Shadow. I then checked out some cassettes of the radio show from the public library, and then I was hooked.

—Alex Case
For me, it seems I've been exposed to The Shadow nearly all of my life. I'm 47 and was born too late for the original radio show. But from the time i was a child, my parents would tell me about the radio show of "the invisable Shadow" and other radio classics. At one point in the early 60's, there were some reruns on a radio station via a "Best of Classic Radio"-type series in my hometown of Dayton ,Ohio. I remember car rides on dark rainy nights, sitting in the back seat, listening to The Shadow. It was wide-eyed wonder.

Later, I discoved The Shadow in a comic book...the Archie series, a superhero. But not what I expected. In the later 60's,after my family had relocated to Indiana, I became a rabid fan of the Doc Savage paperbacks from Bantam Books. Eventually,they reprinted their short-lived series of The Shadow. I was amazed. There were real STORIES of The Shadow? I bought, I read, I was hooked! In additon ,in the early 70's, a college radio station out of South Bend, IN started to replay the Shadow radio show on Sunday nights. I remember staying up later then a school boy should to listen to them, drooling.

So the journey progressed, from the Bantam books to the Pryamid paperbacks, and the excellent comic book series by Denny O'Neil and Mike Kaluta from DC comics to lead me to an intense interest in The Shadow and his pulp era magazines. Today, I own all of the Shadow paperbacks and hard and soft cover books, an extensive array of "facimile editions", toys, posters and misc. And thanks to the Internet, I have access to all of the pulps and radio shows. My favorite media is the pulps, and have really enjoyed the old Shadow Fan Club pages and the Secret Codes features. By the time The Shadow motion picture with Alec Baldwin came along, Iwas a full-fledged Shadow freak. I thought the movie was interesting, the way they intermixed elements of the radio show and the pulps.

It's been a great journey for the mysterious creature of the night and myself.

I was introduced to The Shadow through my grandmother. I don't remember how exactly, but one day while visiting her she was talking about the old radio shows she used to listen to, and recalled that The Shadow was always her favorite. Not long after, I was browsing through a bookstore and came upon the first set of cassette tapes for The Shadow, the ones in the little wood crate, and snatched them up instantly. I listened to them endlessly, completely captivated by a medium I had never before experienced. Much to my surprise and delight, I learned of a big-budget movie in the works, and when it came out, I saw it twice in the theater. I've been hooked ever since.

—Michael M.


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