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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Who is The Shadow's Successor?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Oh, Batman could never fill the void that The Shadow has left behind. Perhaps he isn't really gone. Isn't there a dark side to all humans? Some of us, dip into it on a daily basis to deal with the harshness of the world. There is no hero to my knowledge that is able to fill the void, that He left. All we have to do is find a way to make his comeback look really inviting to a younger generation of comic readers.

Batman, for better or worse. He is still selling comic books, and would do well if a new movie was made, so he's the succesor, by default. Too bad pulp heroes are pretty much forgotten by pop culture these days.

—John Hardy
Although I don't believe anyone has filled the void left by the Shadow, Frank Miller's depiction of Batman is as close as they come. The same depiction of the Dark Knight that I believe inspired Tim Burton. That is as close as anyone has come.

—The Shadow V
Is The Shadow really gone? Did he need to have a successor? Maybe he is still lurking, waiting for an appropriate time to reappear. His life on the internet seems to be healthy and increasing. Though people may put down the 1994 movie as not being pure Shadow, it got the name and character out before a world-wide audience. Maybe a few more nudges and the wave of The Shadow will break upon the shore again.

—William Hunt
Personally, IMHO, that The Punisher, in a *small* way, is a sucessor to The Shadow. The Pulp version, to be specific.

—Alex Case
That is a tough question.

Could we say: The Spider.

Could we add: Batman, the detective. Not the flying Batman Forever.

We could be talking forever about this topic. Could The Shadow have trained somebody for his (ongoing fight for) justice? I think so. He tried with Batman. Is there any other choice? Batman was inspired by The Shadow.

—Al Blas
Of course, Batman seems to be the logical successor to The Shadow's dark throne. However, The Shadow has influenced countless media forms for years.

I was watching "The Professional" this evening, and the scene at the beginning, where Leon (the movie's hero) is taking out various mob henchmen one-by-one cought my eye. We catch only rapid glimpses of Leon, and he's established as a scary character. When we finally see his face, he's emerging from the darkness behind the mob boss... it's all very Shadow-like. This is of course just one example; other movie characters have that Shadow-esque feel (the most prominent and obvious is Darkman).

The strangest of the Shadow-influenced characters, in my opinion, are in video-games. One example of these characters is Solid Snake, the main character in the "Metal Gear Solid" game franchise. Snake is a government agent whose expertise is infiltrating tightly secure locations to gain sensitive information. (Hmm... sound familiar...)

Even the GI Joe toy line has a Shadow-like character: Snake-Eyes, a silent man-in-black that we never really know anything about.

Ever notice that "mysterious" and "deadly" go hand in hand with modern heroes? Gee, who was the first character to be truly mysterious and deadly? ;-)

Of course, it's doubtful that the creators of today think of The Shadow when creating these characters, but he certainly was the FIRST HERO to be sneaky and mysterious, which are certainly qualities that rate high on the "cool-meter" for today's fictional heroes.



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