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Fan Fiction: First-Hand Accounts

Gangsters and Groceries
by Corey Christopher


  One seemingly uneventful day a letter arrived under my apartment door. To any other observer this letter would go unnoticed as a regular occurrence. But to an agent of The Shadow, a letter meant business. These letters were written in code, with ink that vanished after a few seconds in contact with air. My letter was no different. It was a call to a gathering of agents, which rarely ever occurs. Standard procedure of meetings usually included two or three agents at maximum. This letter told that there would be many more agents, and that a massive briefing was needed for a large operation.

  Unknown to the agents at this meeting, our "Boss" The Shadow, was also present, and disguised as the millionaire Lamont Cranston. Our instructions only told that we were to follow whatever orders that were laid down by Cranston, and complete them to the letter, for they were very specific. When I arrived, I immediately picked out Mr. Cranston, for he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the agents. He was dressed to the nines, with some of the most expensive clothing I had ever seen. Everything was immaculate; not a hair out of place nor a speck on his extremely polished black shoes. While I was still pondering his lovely attire, we were arranged into different task forces. I got placed in the "IVT" group, a name which was never defined to me. For all I knew it could have stood for "Insanely Voracious Termites" or "Incredibly Vocal Teammate."

  There weren't many agents, maybe two or three in my group, which made me wonder exactly what I was in for. On top of that, I was one of the few women present at the gathering. Mr. Cranston was going from group to group around the room and when he was finished talking, that group was dismissed. My group was last, and we too were briefed and dismissed, but as I was leaving for the door, Cranston snagged me by the arm with a strong grip. Apparently I had another mission, and he was coming with me. For some reason unknown, we were to raid a warehouse, find specific items, and make sure they got to the Boss for inspection. I had no idea where we were going or why I - out of everyone here - had gotten picked for this important assignment. All of the agents that were "average Joes" in the world knew that The Shadow only used Lamont Cranston in the most important cases, but they didn't know why.


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