The Shadow in "Kingdom Come"

If you have very sharp eyes (unlike the Webmistress), you might realize that DC has not forgotten one of its old characters. In the DC Comics graphic novel, "Kingdom Come" by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, The Shadow does indeed make a cameo appearance in Chapter 2: Truth and Justice. The scene takes place in a nightclub where Superman drops by to do some recruiting for a new Justice League.

See if you can spot him:

Where is The Shadow?

How about a hint? He's standing next to a famous literary character:

Getting warmer....

Give up? He's right here:

There he is!

From left to right in this picture, you see Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, The Question, Rorshach (from Watchmen), and Obsidian. The Swamp Thing (in a fedora and trenchcoat) is holding a drink. (Thank you to Don for the information!)

The Shadow up close

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