Obsidian, Prince of Shadows
(Kingdom Come)

Obsidian, Prince of Shadows, as seen in the graphic novel Kingdom Come
Look familiar?


This comic book character looks eerily like The Master of Darkness*. His appearance in "Kingdom Come", the DC Comics graphic novel by Mark Waid and Alex Ross**, led some (including the Webmistress) to believe it was really an unacknowledged appearance by The Shadow. In fact, Obsidian is a separate character.

Obsidian is the son of the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and the brother of Jade. He can merge with his shadow, and controls a "dark shadow force". Obsidian is part of "Infinity Inc."***, which was introduced in the comic book "All Star Squadron" (issue #25) in the 1980s. Recently, he has appeared more as a villian than a good guy. (Thank you to Phillip Grant for the information!)

For more information about this character:
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Obsidian in "Kingdom Come"

Obsidian picture 1     Obsidian picture 2     Obsidian picture 3     Obsidian picture 4

* He has a much different appearance in other comics than in "Kingdom Come". Visit the link above for a picture.
** "Kingdom Come" featured all the DC Comics superheroes and their descendants.
*** Infinity Inc. was an off-shoot of the Justice Society of America (another DC Comics series). Founding members included Silver Scarab, Fury, Nuklon, Jade, Northwind, Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl. Brainwave joined later.

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