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Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow
Thomas J.Shimeld

Cover: Front (Thanks to OthymianO for the cover scan and the information!)
Year Published: 2003(hardcover), 2005(softcover)
Publisher: McFarland
Length: 190 pages

A biography of Walter B. Gibson. Contents:
Foreword by Robert W.Gibson,MD.
1. Setting the Scene of an Extraordinary Life
2. The Magical Years of Youth
3. Shaping the Future
4. Howard Thurston
5. Harry Houdini's Final Escape
6. Casting the Shadow
7. Who Knows the Shadow?
8. Shadows of the Shadow
9. Harry Blackstone,Sr. - Lighting the Floating Bulb of Friendship
10. Psychic Phenomena and Mental Magic
11. Litzka Raymond Gibson - A Uniting Force of Magic
12. A Fading Shadow


  • The Shadow is profiled in some of the chapters.


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