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Pulp Art
Robert Lesser

Cover: Front, Back
Year Published: 1997
Publisher: Gramercy Books
Length: 192 pages

1.) Introduction: Populist Culture and Pulp Art
2.) Science Fiction, Science Fact, and Fantasty: Painted Answers
3.) The New Knights
4.) The Noblest Savage
5.) Ladies in Terror
6.) To Dare the Devil: Aviation, War, and Western Art

Appendix I: Vox Populi: Letters to the Pulps' Editors, 1929-46
Appendix II: Original Pulp Paintings: A Collector's Guide
Appendix III: Artists' Biographies


  • 18 essays about pulp art, artists, and history
  • 5 pulp covers in colour, plus one black and white illustration of The Shadow:
    - The Golden Grotto
    - The Grove of Doom
    - The Book of Death
    - Vengeance Bay
    - Dead Man's Chest
    - The Romanoff Jewels (black and white)


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