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The Duende History of The Shadow Magazine
Will Murray, et al.

Cover: Front, Back (Thanks to William Hunt for the scans and the information!)
Year Published: 1980
Publisher: Odyssey Publications Inc
Length: ?? pages

1. The Men Who Cast The Shadow by Will Murray
2. The Duende Shadow Index by Will Murray
3. The Golden Shadow by Bob Sampson and Will Murray
4. The Vulnerable Shadow by Bob Sampson
5. Theodore Tinsley-Maxwell Grant's Shadow (interview by Will Murray)
6. The Third Cranston by Bob Sampson
7. The Purple Girasol by Walter B. Gibson
8. Blackmail Bay by Walter B. Gibson
9. Walter B. Gibson Revisited (interview by Will Murray and Bob Sampson)
10. The Sinister Sanctum by Will Murray
11. The Authors


  • Interviews with the authors of the pulp Shadow (see above)
  • Short story "Blackmail Bay" by Walter B. Gibson


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