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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Should the Shadow pulps ever be reprinted again, would you edit out the "political incorrectness" or leave it as it is with an advisory warning at the beginning of the story?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

If people can't read unedited literature and realize what the era's social sensibilities were, then why reprint? Shakespeare's plays are more sexist, more offensive and more irritating to some folks. Have they been re-edited? I know that there have been attempts to do so, but as far as I know, most of those attempts have fallen by the wayside.

Editing the Shadow pulps for political and sexual content would leave stories that have no taste, no flavor, no spirit. Like many of the things that are done today. How many people remember a best seller from five years ago, much less who the author was? The Shadow pulps (for that matter, all past literature) should be reprinted as it originally appeared. If some enlightened soul wishes to alert the reader about potentially upsetting material or sterotypes, then write an introduction that could be read by those who want to be alerted or ignored by those who just don't care, but want to read a good exciting story.

William Hunt
I've had the opportunity to read some of the old pulps, and there were definitley racial slurs in them. In the 1st issue, The Living Shadow, the term "chinks" is used more than several times in reference to Chinese characters. While I abhor racism, I would leave everything in the novels as written, as I do not suscribe to censorship. Besides, I'd like anything I read about The Shadow to remain exactly as it was intended to be, to add to the nostalgia and "feel" of the 30's era. I do, however, believe an editor or publisher's note would definitley be in order.

If they are thinking about reprinting the pulp over, that would be very cool. But they would need to edit it and take out all the racial slurs. Though it would be cool if they could keep the style in the 30's era.

Anthony J. Archambault


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