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The Shadow Monthly Poll

Which do you prefer: the pulp Shadow or the radio Shadow?

Want to add your own opinion? Email me! Don't forget to read the rules, though.

Actually I like both. I, however, enjoy radio more because they are very amusing to listen to this day and age

I prefer the pulp version because it seems that there was more variety in the ways that the stories were told. Recognizing the limitations of radio, The Shadow had to fall into a formula and it did. After recently listening to 100 radio shows in two weeks, the formula became very apparent very quickly. While I do enjoy the radio shows and pick up new ones I do have, my first choice would be a new Shadow pulp novel

—William Hunt
I have read an almost all the books and I am working on the pulps. I have heard a lot of radio programs done by different people and in different years! I have seen the movies, I think all of them (unfortunately). And without a doubt in my very biased opinion, the pulps that were written by Gibson are the best of all !

I prefer the pulp version. It gives time to develop the story with many impersonations made by "The Shadow." He in reality was Kent Allard, the aviator. He was the famous "Black Eagle" and impersonated many characters to accomplish his goal of justice. I think that the TV show, "Mission Impossible," used the impersonations based on The Shadow's character examples. They used the same technique to impersonate and disguise, substituting persons. This idea could come from The Shadow. Who else? Only The Shadow knows. They could develop the story line more professionally and at the same using his agents gave more credibility to his amazing and interesting stories.

The radio version did not have the opportunity to develop the story line. The time limit was too rigid. They had no time in the program to use the agents, i.e., Burbank, Harry Vincent, Cliff Marsland and others.

—Al Blas


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