The Shadow Music Video Lyrics
by Ayn
©Copyright 2003

I was lost, wandering in the dark searching for my soul.
Never free, captive bound. Straining ears listning for the sound.
Waiting till you set me free, waiting for a day to just be me.

How did you find me?
How did you see into my heart?
How did you reach me?
How did you tear my world apart?

What's the mask behind your face, what's this thing taking up it's place?
You cannot know the things you do, still I find me looking back through you.
You are all the mysteries, the endless night where darkness always flees.

How did you know me?
How did you find me in the dark?
How could you love me, you know the places in my heart?

Still you don't belong to me, you dwell in places I can never see.
Every day I let you go, every day I give up things I know.
Maybe time will let you stay, maybe then I won't be in the way.

How can you lose me?
How can I bear to let you go?
How can you leave me?
If you know the things you claim to know?

Why do I trust you?
How can I live with all the pain?
Why do I love you?
How can I ever be the same?